Monday, August 19, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #98

All the practice I did with my lead line kids paid off! I took extra special care of Lily and we got a forth place ribbon and a fifth place ribbon in trail in hand and ridden trail! How awesome is that?

Tommy ended up using Clutch so he had his very own pony to use. They were super cute together. I was happy about that since I actually had to do less work. Hee hee. 
They made a cute team!
The kids had so much fun at their first horse show! I hope they are hooked forever because I had a lot of fun with them too. 

They even got a cart ride with Art!

Allie also got a fifth place in line driving obstacle course and trail in hand. I was a little bit stubborn and did not want to go near the mail box. I just knew a horse eating mountain lion was hiding inside. Why else would it be all closed up like that unless it was containing a wild horse eating mountain lion? 

Allie was so busy she didn't get many photos of me and my awesomeness, but luckily other people did! She just needs to wait for them to post them on Facebook. So when they get posted, Allie will share them on my very own Facebook page!

I really like going down to the shows. I was giving all the horses hello nickers. But now I need some recovery time from my very busy day. Hay and sleep are in order!
After show sleepy time


  1. Shy you are soooooo very sweet to help make lifetime memories for those kidders. Your rock big time in my book.

    1. I am hoping for many more memory making shows with the kids!

  2. Replies
    1. The kids were so adorable. And throw my sexy self in there, we were unstoppable!

  3. You are soooo awesome Shy! Well done for everything!


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