Friday, August 9, 2013

practice and getting comfortable

The Good Old Days show is just over a week away and we have a lot to get ready for in order to show! I have the bearings for the cart, but having some trouble putting them in so Shyloh has not been hooked to a cart since the last show . . .eek!

On top of that, my tail bun and mane roll skills are less than stellar. Since Jaime's sister is showing the new Shire mare, Reba, and she doesn't know how to do any of that, it gave me a chance to show her and practice myself. And since Reba has a long tail and the rest of Jaime's horses have short tails, I was the only one who knew how to do it. I think Shy's tail came out pretty good. . .my best try yet!

Tomorrow, we work on the mane roll and lead line kids are coming out to practice.

Jill (Jaime's sister) took Reba line driving around the property. Reba is a good horse, especially for being a pasture puff for the past six years and not being worked at all. 

I worked Shy in the round pen for a little bit, with her harness on. I was Richard Simmons-ing her. . .doing leg lifts myself while Shy trotted around. We are going to get Shy in a shape that is not round!

Then I took Shy for a short line drive. Ooh, she started out so bad. She wanted to go go go and was jumpy and was trying to really pull through the bit. Not really like Shy at all, so I re-assessed what was going on. Ahha! I had my lines run different. I fixed them, then Shy was perfect. Lesson learned: when a horse is acting different than normal during work, they are not always being bad, they are trying to tell you something is wrong. 

I went to put Shy back in the pasture and she gave her cute little nicker again. Isaac nickered back and they met up. . .then the X rated stuff happened. Shy threw her rear end at Isaac and he wanted it. . .bad. He thought she was a sexy beast even in her fly mask. I just hope he had a thorough gelding or we might end up with Haferons or Perchlingers and we don't want that. 

After I separated the love struck horses, I saw a sure sign that Shy is comfortable at the new barn. The first time I saw her roll there, she made she was off away from all the other horses. Well, this time, she practically rolled on Shady! Then her and Isaac had a quick nuzzle before Shy got up and they went to graze. 

And Jaime has a name for the barn! It is Hidden Creek Draft Horses and it's on Facebook. Give it a like, along with Adventures With Shyloh's page!


  1. She looks GREAT trotting in the round pen! Also just love how the tail bob looks on her.

  2. Shy that's totally X rated.... yikes! When your boy's that handsome though....well you know?! Looks like you got a great gang there and are totally settled - hooray!

  3. I love your last picture - how cute to see 'Mama, papa and baby' equine together. Well, I know they aren't related - but cute, none the less.
    Good luck at the show!


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