Wednesday, December 14, 2011

absence. . .

. . .does make the Haflinger heart grow fonder! Sunday was the last day that I was at the barn. I left Shyloh as her usual aloof self. Her general attitude towards me is "Oh, you're here. . .do you have food? No, well you can go or stay, doesn't matter." Today, Shy was all over me! 

I was conflicted. On one hand it was nice to have her actually approach me, nuzzle me, and be close to me on her own will. On the other hand, I do not want her to get used to being in my space. Ahhhh! What to do?

Put her to work of course! We worked on our free jumping. I think Shy likes to jump. She did a great job, although, once again, I did more running than she did. But this time, I did not have to push her as much to get over the jump. Yay us! And I did get a video, but of course, she would not give her best jumps for the camera. Which goes to show how sassy she was today!
For example. . .I was down the aisle and I saw her stick her head out of her stall. I said to her, Hi Shy! and she did her sassy head toss. Whoa. So I did it again, Hi Shy! Again, head toss. I said to Kathy to watch this attitude, and repeated it, Hi Shy! Which was followed by a, yup, a head toss! Oooh, she is so cheeky!

I also got this video of Shyloh coming up to me on her own. This is a very rare occurrence! A once in a lifetime opportunity!
 She has got her eye on me! Silly pony!


  1. Allie, what is Shyloh communicating when she does that head toss? Just wondering.

  2. Bob, It means that she is just feeling real good and playful. But they way she does it looks like she is giving off attitude. It is quite funny! She does it when she runs from me, like she is playing a game.

  3. Camryn here:
    Your such a good jumper. Maybe in the spring I'll ask Mom to let me jump too?

  4. I love the nose in the camera.... that's Pippin's trick! I think he checks it out to see if it is edible!

  5. My haffie does that same head toss when she's feeling full of herself!

  6. Camryn, jumping is fun! You should ask :)

    Dremaing, that what Shy was doing, checking to see if she could eat the phone. She should know by know that she can't!

    T, The head toss is funny, but it is so sassy!


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