Monday, December 19, 2011

monday musings by shyloh #16

I've been tortured this weekend! Forced to do things against my will! Made to look a fool!  Participated in activities beyond my level of well-being! I have suffered agonizing humiliation! I have become a patsy for the holidays! A schmuck in a costume! A  ridiculous mockery of the Christmas spirit. Okay. . .enough, but I do have evidence of said torture, as seen below. . .

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Has Allie not learned from the Halloween incident? Are the remaining pink strands of hair in my luscious mane still visible? Yes they are. I don't think she understands that I prefer to NOT be spray painted/dressed up. I mean, do I look happy In Exhibit A or B? I think not.

But, if you did notice from the photos, there is something around my neck. What is that, you ask? It's my early Christmas present from Allie. So if dressing up in silly hats or antlers gets me presents, I guess I will suffer through said torture. It would be much more enjoyable if the presents were edible, though. But, Allie was very excited to give them to me and my friends, Ryleigh and Casi. They are rhythm beads, with a matching tail and mane piece! Allie made them all by herself! They are for when we go trail riding. Not only will I look amazingly cute, but I will be able to keep rhythm to the bells, and the bells will warn other wildlife (because I AM a wild pony) that we are coming and they will get out of the way so I don't spook. 

Modeling my new bling! I should be on the cover of  Horse Illustrated .
Allie put a turtle on my necklace because she said I am shy like a turtle who wants to go in its shell, and we are taking things slow and steady like a turtle! It's cute, I have to say, even though I was a little bit unsure about the bells at first. But I got used to them real quick and kept my new presents on all day. I didn't even try to eat them!

I also got to go back in my stall. I had been borrowing a stall because mine flooded. But I am glad to be back at mine and back in the action, although I will miss being by Casi. Another good thing about being back in my stall. . .it is decorated for Christmas!
Can you see me?
I am getting real used to Allie and much more comfortable with her. I can tell she likes this. I tried to play with her by giving her a nip on the arm, but she did not like that. I guess I will have to find other ways to play. But I am realizing that she will keep coming back for me and will make sure that I am taken care of always. So I guess I will have to take it kinds easy on Allie. . .maybe.

But, you know. . .I can't let my Haflinger ancestry down, so I must continue to find escape routes to look for more food! Gotta keep my priorities straight!



  1. Camryn here: Oh no you poor thing being made to wear hats n antlers. Though being a gurl like me I'm certain the bling more than makes up for it. You do look cute in the Santa hat if that helps. AND by wearing it you may perhaps guarantee yourself candy canes? One can only hope.

  2. Our fuzzy friends suffer a lot for us...poor things!
    But I must say, she looks awfully cute!
    I love the rhythm beads...especially the turtle! Cute idea!

  3. Camryn, thanks! I do have my own box of candy canes, I think Allie should give me some more often! ~shyloh

    Dreaming, suffer is right! But I am cute, aren't I? What do Doc and Pippin think of me in my Christmas outfits? ~shyloh

  4. Aww! I love the rhythm necklace. I read about them a while ago (not sure where) and thought they sounded like a good idea for trail riding.


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