Thursday, December 1, 2011


The braids appear to be working! I kept them in Shyloh hair for a few days, then took them out. Yesterday, Robin sent me a picture of Shy. . .
Pretty in Pink

And her hair stayed parted evenly! Usually at the top it falls on both sides, then halfway down it flips to one side, and at the bottom it flips to the other side. Unfortunately, it is still slightly pink.

So, I went out to the barn today. The horses were in again because the pastures are still flooded. This weather is terrible! At night it gets below freezing and the roads get icy, then during the day the sun is shining and everything gets watery again. At least the road to the barn is not flooded anymore! And we did get some snow! But it did not stick to the ground.

I let Shyloh out into the arena to run around. Then I went to get Ryleigh. When I brought him in, Shy gave a little nicker! How cute! I made my finest attempt to get them running, but only Shy wanted to participate. She would run and run and Ryleigh just stood there. Shyloh literally ran circles around him, then tried to hide behind him! Those two are so silly!

I decided to braid Shy's mane again, but in smaller braids. Shy had other ideas, like eating hay, which made braiding difficult. . .but I persevered! I doubled the usual amount of braids down her mane. I also braided her tail. The braids just make her hair so smooth!
Slow feeder bag is now a hit!
Looks like centipede legs

I gave Shyloh and Ryleigh some apples, carrots, dried peas, and granola mix, then went home to warm up. I still did not get to ride. Hopefully tomorrow!
Ryleigh says Feed Me!!


  1. It does seem to be working--are halflingers suppossed to have their mane fall like that? I thought all horses had their manes trained to the right! Guess you learn something new every day.

  2. Hello!
    Haflingers often have double sided manes. Glad you stopped by!


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