Saturday, February 25, 2012

haflinger's aren't born. . .

. . .they are made! Made from the hair of Halfingers already in existence. 
Since it is only February and I have already gotten so much hair off of Shyloh, with much much more to go, I must ask a question. . .

Why would anyone buy a second Haflinger? All you have to do is collect hair from the Haflinger you already own, put it in a bag, add some hay,water, and carrots, and *poof* a brand new Haflinger!

You could get an extra Haflinger every year! I asked for another stall the other day for my brand new Haflinger baby. The rate of growth for this baby is exponential! I cannot believe how big he is getting and so quick! Now we just need a name for this fur ball. . . 
I shall call him Fuzzy and he shall be mine
He is pretty cute, right? I hope Shy and Fuzzy get along, because it seems that they will have to share the stall.
On another note. . .will this precipitation ever end? Rain, snow, sleet. . .it all melts and makes mud!


  1. Add Fjords to that way of reproducing!! Where-as my pony hasn't lost a hair. Haha!! Love Shy's "baby!!!"

  2. Rosie is a hairy Yak so it' snot just haffies.

  3. Oh, you cracked me up! I love Fuzzy... how cute!
    I've always felt we can make puppies... but you are right about the Haffie foals!
    My guys are just beginning to shed... ugh... when they let loose of the hair, it flies all over the place. There is also a corollary of Murphy's Law about getting hair in your mouth! It never fails.

    1. Yeah, I thought my dogs were bad, but Shy. . .hair is everywhere!!

  4. Camryn here:
    You are sooooo funny, love furry. Making fur babyees doesn't hurt near as much as makin the real ones either!

  5. Aww, Fuzzy is adorable. And the right price, too. Alas, no shedding here yet.

  6. Very cute! Flurry hasn't started shedding yet, I'm looking forward to the little dun fuzzball he will produce - I'll call it Furry!

  7. Awwwww I love baby Fuzzy foal! So cute! I can't wait to watch him grow. :D I guess all that shed hair is worth something after all hehe.


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