Friday, February 3, 2012

every animal but me. . .

. . .got a pedicure today. The farrier came out to the barn to trim hooves. I riddled him with questions about Shy's feet, since I have been noticing differences because she has been mostly stall bound due to the weather. Where these her bars growing out? Why does the front of each hoof look like it's flaking by the coronet band? Her frog and heels are peeling, is that okay? Is she thrushy? Did she founder? Is this white line disease? Is that a bruise? Why has she been giving me trouble lifting her back right leg? Are her other feet sore?
Farrier butt. . .Shy was licking it.
The farrier politely stopped me and asked me if I subscribe to Equus. Of course I do! Doesn't every one? He laughed and said that Equus feeds into their reader's hoof paranoia. Every time a new article on hoof care/problems come out, he gets a ton of questions from his clients, but he said he does not mind answering. 
She also licked his neck. She does not leave the gentlemen alone!
He then patiently answered all my questions and reassured me that Shy has some of the best hooves he has seen. Yes, her bars are growing out, it happens.No, she is not thrushy, she actually has very nice frogs. The flaking at each hoof is comparable to our cuticle, it is just retaining moisture. Her peeling frogs and heels are just from standing on the wet ground. No, she is not thrushy, her frogs are quite healthy. No, she did not founder. No, that is not white line disease. No, that is not a bruise. She might be giving trouble with her back leg because it is her kicking leg and sense she is in a new herd, she might be in a protective mode, so no her other feet are not sore. Whew. Peace of mind.

When I got home, it was time to trim the dogs' nails. So they each got a little trim, too. And then there are my feet. . .sans pedicure.  But, I guess since they are stuffed in boots 90% of the time, it doesn't really matter. 
Maggie toes!


  1. I am cracking up.... your questions are simply a repeat of what my farrier went through last week! (Oh, and I didn't read Equus!)
    Doc is a pro at sluffing off his frog whenever it is wet! Scares the heck out of me every time!
    My farrier was very positive about the state of the hooves. Basically, on a scale of 1 - 10 in all areas, my guys were at at a 10. Yeah..... it makes it easier to fork over the $$$!

    1. My farrier says that he has yet to see a Haflinger with bad hooves, which is good news, but I still worry.

  2. Camryn here:
    Funny how we all had our mani/pedicures this week. No surprise that we all have excellant feet though is it! I lick my trimmers bum too, haven't tasted her neck yet. I'll have to try that next time.

    1. Do try the neck! Ha!

      Great Haffie owners think alike, right :)

  3. Your farrier sounds great, it's nice that he's patient with you and answers all of your questions. My Roxy has such hard feet with such spectacular balance that she only needs them done once a year.

  4. Love the caption...farrier butt. So funny! Glad your farrier answers all the questions - good farrier. And great that Shy is fine.

    I never liked trimming doggie nails - that vein worried me sick!

    1. I don't like trimming doggie nails, either. My dogs have thick nails and they are kinda hard to trim.

      I like my farrier, he has been very patient with me! SO thankful for Shy's hooves!

  5. I love horses, beautiful and intelligent animals)

  6. Nice pedicure on your dog. Love the polish. :D

    I'm a hoof nerd too so I ask tons of questions. Good thing our trimmers are patient.


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