Saturday, February 11, 2012

sassy snow day!

Today was by far the coldest day of the winter! Shyloh and Casi went outside, but only for a little bit. It was bitter cold and windy. 

I did play with Shy a little bit outside. Boy, is she a sassy girl! Clearly, at this point she was not ready to go in. I wasn't trying to catch her here, just trying to get her to move her legs a bit. She told me in no uncertain terms what she thought of that. . .

Shy also tried her hardest to get to the teeny tiny bit of grass is that left buried beneath the snow. Look at those lips move!

At least they got outside for a short time. I think they were happy to go out, but grateful to come back inside. When it was time to come in, Shy was ready and let me walk right up to her, halter her, and take her in. . . without a peppermint! 

This is what Shy's whiskers look like after she has her nose buried in snow!
"Do I have something on my face?"

Needless to say, it was too cold to do any actual work. . .but we will get back into a schedule soon. Soon. . .


  1. Too cute! Funny! Kaspin whips his mane and neck at me also. Must be a haflinger thing, LOL. Stay warm!

  2. I love watching their lips. They are amazing with what they can do and sense with those fat fuzzy lips!
    I love your captions!
    Stay warm!

    1. I think those fuzzy lips are my favorite part! So cute!

  3. Bitter cold here as well. Camryn still prefered standing outside most of the day. She'd go in nibble a bit, then head right back out.

    1. They love the fresh air, no matter how cold! Plus who wants to stand around inside all day staring at walls?

  4. Brr! She is so cute! That looks like the coolest snow. So light and dry. Ours is always heavy, wet and cold lol. :)


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