Monday, February 20, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #25

Excuse me! I have an announcement!

Shyloh, the Haflinger Extraordinaire presents. . .
My new trick! It is a kiss. Aren't I just the cutest? Tricks are fun, mostly because I get treats! I get all different kinds of treats: carrots, blueberries, and grain! Yum! And they are not too hard to learn, either. I wonder what we will be learning next. . . 

Okay. . .I would also like to point out that I was not in on the whole Equestrian Johhny Depp. He is not my style. THIS is my style. . .I give you Equestrian Haflinger Stud:
Now this is the real Italian Stallion!
Ooooh, that mane! Those eyes! I'd have his foal any day! And I will tell him exactly what I ate today; grass, peppermints, carrots, and hay!. So yummy! Normally I don't share my food, but I would share with you, Haflinger Stud! Wink wink. I would even share my granola and bananas. 

Anything else sexy Equestrian Haflinger Stud?
He is so shiny! And all the way from Tyrol!
Oh, you like it when I roll? That's a good thing, because I like to roll.  Take a look at this!

Enough with Haflinger fantasy time and back to reality. I think I am going to be ridden soon. . .


  1. Camryn here:
    Way cool trick, bet kissing gets tons of peppermints. Wonder iff you add some slobber you'd get even more hee hee. I see you gots a clicker, aren't they the greatest thing ever.
    Great choices for stud muffins by the way. Great taste in guys gurl!

    1. I love love love the clicker! They are great.
      We gotta get us one of those studs Camryn, then we could double date :)

  2. Ach.... we are feeling kinda out in left field here (and there isn't even grass in this 'left field')! You have thrown us over for some sort of stud muffin of a poster Haffie. No fair. We thought you loved us :((( Love from Doc and Pippin

    Dreaming says: love the kiss and the rolling! It is so much fun to watch Shy interact with you!

    1. Sorry Doc and Pippin. . .but a mare is entitled to a fantasy stud! Still love you guys :)

      Thanks, Dreaming. She is so much fun to be around!

  3. Adorable Shy! You are just the sweetest thing. Have a good ride!

  4. Shy, you are growing up very fast. But you'll always be cute.

  5. Cute boyfriend you have there Shy!!

    I love the trick! I tried to teach Chrome kisses, but he is a bit of a nipper and I thought better of it lol. We'll try again when he's matured some and knows not to bite, ever. :)


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