Monday, March 26, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #30

Whoo hoo! While the people are away, the Haflingers will play! Pippin, Doc, Camryn, come on over to my place! It's party time!

Allie went to some fancy schmancy place called Florida. I did a bunch of fun things while she was gone and some not so good things. I do not want to talk about the not so good things I did. . .

But for now, I am crushing on Chick again. He is so tall, he makes me look tiny!
Rekindling my love affair with Chick

I got super muddy running around the pasture with my friends!  Allie left me as a clean, pretty pony and I sure did not stay that way! Haha!  And the weather is so nice, I did not want to come ion from the pasture. Only when I was left all by myself did I decide that I should go in. 
Aren't mud baths supposed to be good for the skin?
Check out how long my mane is getting! Yeah, I'll probably be one of  those Haflingers. You know, the ones with the manes all the way down to the ground. On both sides. My forelock, too. Yeah, super sexy. Don't hate.
Now Allie needs to figure out a way to keep the ends from frizzing.
 I had a visit from my favorite farrier and his butt. I am always on my best behavior for him and his butt. I do love my mani/pedis!

Starving Haflinger that I am, I gobbled up all my food at each meal time. I swear that I am being neglected int he food department. I don't get nearly enough hay or other foods to sustain a Halfinger of my caliber of awesomeness. Can't you just tell that I am whittling away to nothing? No? Oh. . . Look harder. . .
Gobbling so fast, I'm blurry!
Here is an example of what Allie thinks I should look like:
All slim and sleek and hungry looking
Here is what I think I should look like:
Hay belly, full, and happy looking.
Do you think that there is a girth that would fit around that nice looking belly? Me either. Mission accomplished.



  1. Gee, thanks for the invitation to the party. Not sure how we get there, though. But it sure would be fun! You don't think Chick would mind? He sure is one big guy... he might try to beat up on us!

    1. Chick has another mare to keep him company while I party with my haffies :)

  2. Camryn here:
    Mmmm, Michigan may be doable!!! I'll head out after I see the house lights are all off! Mom, won't even notice so long as I'm back for breakfast. I can nap all day then whilst she's at work.
    Sigh, I didn't get much in the mane dept as far as length goes. Me n Mom sometimes gets mane envy, but then we both realize that my thick bushy mane is so much simpler to maintain.

  3. Shy, you've sure been living it up. Mud treatments, pedicures, elegant dining, and a budding romance. You sure know how to enjoy life.

    1. I am a spoiled pony. . .as long as I don't get rotten, I should be okay :)

  4. LOL Shy! Naughty girl. That's a smart trick. If the girth doesn't fit then you can't wear a saddle hehe. :) I'm glad you're having fun. Just lay off the naughty things lol.

  5. Oh those cartoons are hysterical- I bet that's exactly what she thinks!


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