Monday, March 12, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #28

What is going on here?  I am so confused. I am shaking, twitching, scratching. I haven't had a carrot in . . .six days! No apples, no candy, no sugar!! No more sharing snacks with Allie. Something is up and I am not liking it. Not one bit.

These are the things that Allie has been trying to feed me lately. . .
  • almonds. . .delish!
  • cauliflower. . .take it or leave it.
  • green beans. . .yuck!
  • sunflower seeds. . .yummy!
  • sugar free candy. . .ehhh.
  • sugar free peppermints. . .palatable.
  • sugar free Wintergreen LifeSavers. . . tasty! 
At least the awesome weather got me over my sugar withdrawal symptoms. What a beautiful weekend I had! Sunny, breezy and 60 degrees!

My weekend consisted of this . . .
Horses that lick walls together, stay together
And this. . .
Checked out the arena with Ryleigh
A little bit of this. . .
Grazing in the sunset!
Hung out with these two. . .
Eating grass with Casi 
Chillin' with Resy
And spent some time pondering the complexities of the Haflinger's life. . .
What is the best way to get to the grass out there?
Then, as a surprise (to me at least) Allie and Kathy took me and Casi on a trail walk! We went through the fields and down the road. We were super good, not scared by nothing! Not the barking dogs, not the burning pile of stuff, not the ATVs, not the cows, not the weed whacker, and not cars. We are pretty cool like that!
All decked out for my walk. . .what is with the helmet that I have to carry on my saddle?
Me, looking good as usual
On the road again. . .oh I can't just can't wait to  get on the road again
Kathy and Casi on our road trip
We walked in the pond pasture, and I walked right into the pond. Water does not bother me one bit. I stuck my nose right in the pond and splashed about! But I was standing in one spot for too long and the mud sucked my feet up! I pulled them out and slapped the water with dismay! Those are my feet, pond!! I also dropped the helmet in the pond. . .oops. . . 

When we got back from our outing, Allie did this. . .
Yay for Allie!

We just did a small circle around the arena. I could tell Allie was real nervous, but I was a good girl. When she relaxed, I relaxed even more. What was the big deal, I wonder? I have been doing so good! She was all adjusting everything while on me and I wasn't scared at all! Beth prepared me for this and I was ready!  Allie really needs to get her act together, cause I am wanting to ride outside! That is where I truly love to be!

My Allie befuddlement of the day, it's been a while since I have really messed with her. . .I was outside grazing with Resy. Allie let me walk around and my lead rope was over my back, cause I like to move about as I graze. I started grazing by the barn door and when Allie was too busy talking, I just walked inside and went to my stall! All done! Hey, I was tired, I had a busy day! Shoot, a busy week with all that riding that was done on me!



  1. Hey there, cutie! Pippin, here. You are one good looking Haffie hottie!

  2. Camryn here:
    Sounds like a great weekend "for humans"!!! Whats with them thinking us working is so good anyhow? You did great just getting done and heading to your room, good thinking fur sur.

    1. Camryn, I like the way you think!
      Sometimes a mare just needs a rest in her room after a busy day :)

  3. Shy looks so cute with all her tack on! I particularly like the quote "me looking good, as usual" ... very true!

  4. That's awesome! Shy sounds super well behaved on trail walks and you guys look great together. =D

    You'll get more confident over time, just take it slow and you will be riding trails before you know it. Glad to hear it all went so well!

    1. She was really good.
      Thanks, I hope we get out on the trails this summer!

  5. Well, Mitch and Jet would certainly say that any treats are better than no treats. They generally don't get much by the way of treatage aside from a handful of grass hay pellets or these awesome little doggie biscuits I buy at Trader Schmoes. They've got some other kinds of treats too, but I don't try experimenting. I'm mainly a strict hay and water gal.

    I do use treats for a reward system (and clicker training) so I generally don't like to just clunk anything into their feed buckets if I can help it. It's worked so far!

    Haffies love water don't they? Mitch would wallow in it if he could. I almost wish I could find a water box and set it up in his paddock and let him play. He has to have regular buckets because he would always try to play in a water tub and mess it up.

  6. Cruiser has been on a treat-free diet for a few years, now, and it is amazing how well he has adjusted. When the other horses get carrots, he gets a handful of hay, and seems content. I always tell him it's not because I don't love him, it's because I do.

    Author of "Trail Training for the Horse and Rider" and "Trail Horse Adventures and Advice"

  7. Yay Allie! Good job hopping on for a short ride. :D

    Thanks for the treat ideas. I haven't tried some of those. Chrome didn't like the green beans either, but once I have some growing I think I'm going to try chopping them up small and putting it in his feed to get him used to them. :)


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