Monday, March 19, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #29

Let's go for a ride outside!

I am such a pretty girl!

Look how good I am!

I am the outdoor horse extraordinaire!

Look how cute I am! Don't hate on my luscious tail. . .

I like big butts and I cannot lie. . .you other Haffies can't deny. . .

 Job well done! 
These amazing photos are from Robin, Ryleigh's mom. She is a good picture taker.

The two leggers finally wised up and just took me outside to ride, where I belong. I did not disappoint. They also got a good bit in my mouth so I could better understand what they wanted of me. It is much more comfortable.

I guess for being such a great outdoor horse, I got pampered over the weekend. I got a good brushing, so good and relaxing that I was falling asleep! I also got my bridle path clipped and it didn't bother me at all. Then I got my mane and tail conditioned and worked through. My tail got a real pretty braid in it, too. I got some hoof conditioner for my hooves. I sure am the prettiest mare in the barn! Maybe the world!

Look how shiny I am! Good bye winter woolies!
It was so nice outside, I thought for a minute that I was going to get a bath. I was watching the other horses go in the wash stall and get baths all weekend, but not me! Whew. What we did instead was go outside to eat yummy green green grass! So good! But I only got to eat for a little bit. Gotta get into swim suit shape. 
So so tasty! I could live off this stuff!
I also got to watch Kathy and Beth ride Casi! Boy does he want to go fast!! He doesn't like to be by himself, so I went and stood around while he was riding. Casi did do a no-no when Beth asked him to canter. . .he bucked! But no one fell off and then he got better. But he still wants to be fast. I think before he came to the barn he was the top runner in the Underground Appaloosa Race World.

While watching Casi, I ate a little grass. Allie kept making me take breaks from eating, so  I took myself a nap under the late afternoon sun. 

What were your horsey weekends like? Any other horses out there get pampered this weekend?



  1. Love the pictures. I bet you were thrilled!
    Yes... Haffie butts and tails are the best!

  2. Awe shy your tail is so pretty.

    No horse weekend for me, Pippi got to eat all day and got brushed by Kevin. I sat on the couch with leg elevated. Booooo.

    1. Is the leg feeling any better? When does the cast come off?

  3. Camryn here:
    Great pix of your Alli on you. You both looked awesome, Hey Alli, you might wanna actually look up when riding hee hee. Don't wanna hit a fence post ya know. Got my tail all unbraided & conditioned, it's now in working order so watch out flies!!!

    1. I know! I will get there!

      Camryn, where have you been? I miss you!!

  4. Roxy is half appaloosa and they are quick horses! She's probably the fastest horse at my barn.

    You looked so good riding! It's great to see you up there, and I'm sure Shy's loving it too!!

  5. Love the pictures! You guys look great together and Shy looks really calm and content with everything too =)

  6. You are so adorable and the photos are awesome!


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