Friday, March 16, 2012

walking on sunshine

What a day! It is mid-March and well over 60 degrees! Madness! But I am not complaining about this beautiful, unusual weather. 

However yesterday, Michigan did have tornadoes! I could do without those! And one was reported to have touched the ground so close to our barn. Scary, but the horses and people were all safe. Whew.
Too close for comfort!
Today marked Beth's fifth ride on Shyloh and her third ride outside (not that I am keeping track). We tried a French link snaffle for the ride. And we went directly outside, no indoor arena first.

Best decision ever! Shy took really well to this bit and she was so relaxed outside! The ground was a little mushy from the torrential downpour that happened last night, but Beth remarked how sure-footed Shy is. They walked and jogged and had a great little ride!
Beth forgot she had little ball spurs on, but she was extra careful and only once bumped Shy with them. She was like, What the. . ., but recovered immediately. Ryleigh was calling for Shy while he was inside, but she kept paying attention to her work. I also put the Western reins back on the bridle because the ones I had on were too slippery. Shy did not mind them hanging down at all.

Now, the super exciting part. . . Beth told me to get up there. . . so I did! No beating heart, no fear, I just got right on (as soon as I put on my helmet). There was a dramatic difference in outside Shy vs arena Shy; I could feel exactly how relaxed Shy was, which made me more relaxed. Robin took some awesome photos during the ride and I cannot wait to see them. We rode for 10 minutes of perfection! Shy's whoa was spot on and her walk was fantastic! I was able to keep Shy moving without startling her and got her to walk past her paparazzi without stopping for a photo shoot. She listened to my cues. When I started (unknowingly) leaning forward and shifting my balance, she stopped. And, she did not scoot away when I got off of her! 

What a good pony I have, she is so smart! Maybe I will have my little trail horse sooner than I thought!
Shy participating in her favorite past time


  1. Aww, good on you! I'm so glad that you had a good ride on Shy! She really does look relaxed in that video.

    Ahh! I'm so happy for you guys, she looks GREAT!

  2. Great stuff! Shy looks fab in the video!

  3. The video is wonderful. Shy certainly does look relaxed and she is taking everything in stride. Hooray! Her trot looks wonderfully comfortable. I am so glad that the tornado didn't impact you guys. I've often wondered about tornadoes and horses... no one ever says anything.

  4. Yay for you guys. You'll be out on the trails before you know it. (:

  5. OMG! I want that trot! That or Beth's ability to sit it! Because it looks sooo comfy in that video. You're gonna have an amazing trail pony! And with this warm weather, the two of your will be out hacking in no time. She looks like she could just wander down the road anytime. (and trust me, trail riding beats out ANY other type of riding ; ) ).

    1. Isn't that the littlest jog? It is so cute! Beth is amazing! I can't wait to hit the trails!

  6. Beth's got a great seat and quiet hands; just the kind of rider I'd want up on my horse.

    I'm glad Shy was so good for you outside. Estes does *okay* in an arena (she's only been in one), but is really an outside horse. She much prefers being outside where she can see what's going on - maybe Shy's the same way.

    I agree with Sand, trail riding beats any other type of riding.

    1. I really can't say enough good things about Beth and what she had done for Shyloh!

  7. That is fantastic!!! I'm so happy her training is going so well and that you had a fun ride without the fast heartbeat and fear. :D You go girl!


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