Monday, June 11, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #41

Wow! I actually came back from a show without Allie threatening to leave me behind! Mostly it was because I am awesome. A little bit had to do with Allie using the over check for the line driving obstacle course. 
And I got extra hay from Notch
Because I was such a good horse for Allie, I get the day off. Unfortunately, it looks like rain today. Yuck. At least I get to rest up and recover from baking in the sun all day yesterday.  The good thing about being so good was that Allie let me have a little bit of sugar. Cold, tasty sugar! We shared an ice pop. So yummy!

Here are some other equines from the show:
I was obsessed with these two mares. They were so calm and stood amazingly. I watched them all day.

A mule! Allie said maybe she will make something to make my ears look longer and then we can enter the mule/donkey classes and win. But only because there were only two mules at this show! No donkeys. . .and I like donkeys, they are cute!

This little one was so cute and funny! Lots of attitude for such a little dude. My kinda horse.

Guess I better rest up while I can. . . I have a feeling we will be doing lots of practice before the next show. . .



  1. So, what is an overcheck? It's so nice of Notch to share hay with you. I'd say he likes you lots for sure.

    1. An overcheck is used in the harness. It does from the bit through the top of the bridle and attached to the saddle (which is what the piece of the harness that attaches around the horse). It helps keeps the head up. I generally don't like to use it on Shy, but I guess if we are outside, I have to, so she can't get grass!

  2. That's my kind of horse show! I wish there was something like that around me!

    1. It was all drafts! It was sooo hot that we left early, but they did cart barrel racing and some other fun games I wanted to see.

  3. I wonder if the overcheck is why she wouldn't do the tarp. Does she normally look down at the tarp before crossing? It is a great solution to keep her off the grass though. Great thinking! :D


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