Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 Fun Things to Do With Your Haflinger

10 Fun Things to Do With Your Haflinger

1. Eating Contest
Who can eat the fastest? Bets on the Haffie. . .Humans, you don't have to eat hay or grass for this!

2 .Obstacle Course
Can be ridden or in hand or line driven. Use tarps, bridges, cones, poles, anything! Get creative!

3. Fashion Show
Haflingers love to dress up, right? Get ready for that costume class. No costume? Colored hairspray or everyday barn items work for the barn aisle walkway.

4. Foot Race
Chances are the human will win. Unless the Haflinger is being chased by panthers (imaginary or real) or there is food at the finish line. Or the Haflinger does not want to be caught.

5. Dance Party
Which one of you has better dance moves? Try not using fly spray, taking the horse out at dusk on a spring evening, and put on some music to pop, lock, and drop it too. I guarantee that horse can lift those legs and shake that booty better than you!

6. Spa Day
Haffies love to get their hair did and have monthly pedicures

7. IQ Test
Seriously. Those Haffies are smart! Probably smarter than me and you. I guess if the Haffie wins, that would not be so much fun for you. . .

8. Teach Tricks
Who doesn't love to see a super cute Haflinger do super cute tricks? So far, Shyloh can wave, kiss, and honk a horn, with many more to come!

9. Play Soccer or Other Games
This can be done on the ground or ridden with other horses. If I can kick the ball between Shy's legs, I score. If she can nose or kick it between mine, she scores! It's fun!

10. Trail Ride
Our ultimate goal! And we are getting closer to getting out on those trails!

What fun things do you do with your Haflinger or horse or pony? 

Send me some photos and I will share them on the blog. 
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  1. Does having Remi throw cones around and then play tug of war with you count? :P

    1. Of course! Remi also tried to get Markie and Resy involved in his play. I don't know how many times I have found his jolly ball on their "outdoor patios."

  2. Hmm...Estes loves spa day - she goes to sleep while getting all prettied up. And then promptly rolls in the manure when I turn her back out. Last year, she got a red, white, and blue pedicure for the 4th of July parade that lasted until I took her to winter pasture. I kind of thought the poster paint would wear off. I was wrong.

    1. Do you have a photo of that pedicure? I would LOVE to see it :)

  3. Oh, I love your list. It's always fun to be with Haffies! I'll have to see if I have any pictures of fun things I've done with my Haffies.

  4. Chrome and I play Hide and Go Seek! It's super fun! :D


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