Saturday, June 30, 2012


Just when I had forgotten about the little buggers. . .I find a tick crawling on my elbow! Yuck! Now I am back to thinking everything I feel is an evil tick! I am so paranoid over these nasty bugs! I probably picked it up when I was chasing Bob and Dannon through tall grasses after their great escape.  Bob (I am assuming since he is the escape artist) nosed the arena doors open and broke through the 2x4. I heard a crash and all I saw was two big black horses galloping toward the fields. Luckily, they went right in a pasture and it was an easy catch! I texted Beth about this escape and she said yesterday Bob did the same thing, but he jumped the 2x4! That horse is crazy!

As for Shyloh. . . this is what I arrived to the barn to. . .
Dirty pony?
I knew from the last time I got her an Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Ball that I would have a messy pony, just not this messy! So Shy got a face scrubbing and came out clean, like this. . .
Clean her up with Orbit! *
During clean up time, I washed her tail and Shy played with the water and suds! I am kinda upset because I thought I was taking video when Shy was being extra cute with the bubbles, but I forgot to push record. Duh!
Curiouser and curiouser . . .
Can I eat my halter?
Splish splash!
I re-did her braids and conditioned her hair. And checked her for the dreaded ticks. She was in the clear. Good news is that the tests came back for the other two horses and they were negative for Lyme Disease. That and Shy being her usual sassy self leads me to believe that she is Lyme free. But I am re-freaking out over the creepy crawlers since I saw one today. Ugh!

It is still too hot to work (in my opinion) so we continued our vacation. We actually took a nap together when I fell asleep in a chair outside her stall and she fell asleep against her wall. Tomorrow I do plan on having a lesson with Beth to get back into the swing of things. 


  1. Mom wishes I were so good with baths like you are Shy. You sure were a sticky mess though!

    1. Shy seems to like water. I want to take her to a water crossing or pond or something to see if she will get in.

  2. It seems like you had a great time - well, both of you!

  3. UGH! TICKS are my LEAST favorite things EVER!!

    I absolutely freak out whenever I find one on me, the dogs or any horse.

    I just wanted to say that those pictures are adorable of Shy playing in the water! :) So cute!

  4. I agree - I HATE ticks. I can't even begin to tell you how much they creep me out!!

    It's been disgustingly hot here, too. Ponies have been getting showers and braids in their manes and time off from work. Shy has the right idea :)

  5. I despise ticks!! Yuck! I'm glad the Lyme tests for the other horses came back negative. :D


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