Monday, January 14, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #71

Allie caught me. . . 
Far away. . .can you see?
Closer. . .Lukas turned gray. . .
Closer. . .see my guard horses. . .
Hey there!
I had found a pretty dry area to lay on and had decided on a nap. I had Zanna and Shay standing watch for me, so I was pretty safe.

Then Allie came. But I was comfy, so I decided not to move. I let Allie come up to me and snuggle with me for a bit. The look on her face was priceless. She kept saying something about a dream come true. . .I swear she is so weird. That's why I tend not to do things like this.

Then Lukas came to check us out. He knows that Allie usually has treats on her. 
Me and Lukas, before the attack!
Once Lukas started biting my neck, I had to get up cause it hurt! Allie brought me out and cleaned me up for our visitors.

I don't like to be dirty and this is about as dirty as I got!
I am loving this warmer weather, aside from the mud. I think basking in the sun with my herd is my new favorite!



  1. Always good to get a nice snooze in, the humans are odd aren't they? They get so excited about snuggling us when we're sleepy - odd!

  2. How nice to stay lying down so Allie could snuggle.

  3. That made me miss snoozing with Onyx SIGH We used to nap together under the magnolia tree. I always got up before Mom could get pix though :)

  4. Aw how sweet! Bet she lies down all the time and just doesn't let you see normally.

    1. I am sure she does. . .I am not sure where though! Will all the rain and mud, I thought she would be much muddier. But hey, I am not complaining about a clean horse!

  5. She has so much personality even when she is napping. I can see why you love this breed.


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