Monday, January 21, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #72

I have to say. . .I am pretty proud of Allie. She has come so far in her human training. And she has trained with the best. . .me!
Chillin with my homies
Allie now knows not to take my crap. She knows that I am pretending or trying to get out of work 99% of the time. And for the 1% of stuff that is actually really scary, Allie knows to take it slow. 

Allie knows that I am a horse and sometimes I don't think about work stuff all the time. There is much more important things to think about, like food. So I sometimes forget. But more often than not, I am just testing. I need to know Allie means it when she says something. And when I do really forget, Allies doesn't get mad, she just takes a step back and practices whatever it is with me until I get it.

Let's take the other day. . .we had worked and worked on standing. Sometimes, I just don't want to stand still, I want to keep going and explore. But Allie practiced on saying stand and meaning it, so I finally thought she meant business. Then she hooked the tire on me. I hadn't had the tire on since there was snow on the ground. So I pretended to be scared and moved my legs real fast. But I guess that doesn't fool Allie anymore. So I just did my work. Even when we went over straw or gravel, I didn't care. See?
Allie also knows that when we do hard work, it's nice to balance it out with some fun stuff. Like smiles and treats!
I have to say, I have a pretty good deal. . .and a very trainable two legger!

Oh, and look at the present I got from Notch and Clutch and Isaac's mom!

The cutest cooler ever! Allie says now she is going to have to work me until I sweat now. Good luck with that I say!



  1. Haha, wait til summer, that sweat sheet will get plenty of use with all the driving you're going to be doing :)

  2. Wow, that's a really nice cooler. I gots a red one, handed down from Mo. He only used it once, and so far I've only used it once.
    Your rockin out on the differant surface thing. You go girl

  3. Nice cooler, the colour suits you!! We reckon you have a very well trained human, always good to keep them on their two legged toes :-)

  4. Yep, you got a pretty trainable two-legger.

  5. Shy, that cooler looks beautiful on you! Someone offered to trade a Haflinger for my Blossom, and I don't know much about the breed, so I thought that I'd ask an expert- you. I am looking for a lesson horse, do you think haffies are suitable for that career?

    1. It depends on the Haflinger, pretty much like every horse. There is a therapeutic riding facility near me that only uses Haflingers. They can be great for lessons, calm, will do anything. But they might also try to get away with things, too. Without knowing the horse, it's hard to say, but lessons are definitely something that Haflingers can do.

    2. Ok! Thank you for the insight. I'm headed off to see him on Friday, I'll be sure to post about how it goes!


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