Saturday, January 12, 2013


I had a working plan when I got to the barn. I even brought out all the stuff. . .harness, PVC shafts, bungee cords, but instead we had visitors!
Had to be super cute for visitors!
I love it when people come to visit Shyloh. It is good for her. My sister in law, Jenny and my nephew Alex came up to the barn with Mike. It is so funny to me that Jenny thought Shy was big! Alex was a little scared of her at first, but after feeding her a few treats, he warmed up to her.
Shy likes fries!
She was so careful to use only lips and not teeth
Looks like she ate Alex's hand!
Cutie pies!
Shy was on her very best behavior. She was so gentle with Alex. She even preformed a few tricks for him.
I asked Alex if he wanted to sit on Shy. He was a little afraid and wanted his mom to do it first. I got a bucket so she could get up, but Shy was not being cooperative. So, I said not to push it, Shy is not feeling down with that today.

I took Jenny, Alex, and Mike around the barn to see some actual big horses.
Buddy is a big boy!
Then we went into Shy's pasture to meet her herd mates. All the horses were so good for us. It is almost like they knew they had a little one around and had to be careful. They were very interested in Alex, too. Most of them came up and sniffed Alex's head. 
Alex giving Tony kisses!
Mike and Tony. Mike loves this donkey!
Jessie and Alex, Rainy Day sunning in the back
Lukas and Jessie checking Alex out
We came back to Shy and I could not believe what happened next. Shy nosed the bucket and stepped beside it. . .I kid you not! It is entirely possible that I read way too much into this, but it seemed like Shy was trying to say it's okay. . .you can climb on me now. I told Jenny to step up on the bucket, fully anticipating that Shy would step away like she always does. She didn't! Jenny clumsily (sorrry Jenny, but it is hard to mount a horse if you have never done it before!) climbed up. Shy stood perfectly, but kept her ears back on Jenny! Of course, I was standing right there with Shy and had the lead rope. 
I promise those are not mad ears!
Then Alex felt comfortable getting on Shy. Mike lifted him up and I told him not to squeeze his legs.
She looks angry. . .she is not. Just trying to see what they want from her.
Mike took Alex down and Jenny tried to figure out how to get off Shy. Shy did not move a muscle. Then Mike lifted Alex up on Shy by himself. I held on to Alex's back, just to be safe.  Shy was such a good girl!
Since we did all this new stuff and Shy was awesome, I decided not to work her. I took her to graze for a minute. When we walked through puddles, she did something I had never seen her do. When she couldn't see to the bottom of the puddle, she stuck her nose it it before she would step in it. She was never afraid to step in the puddle, but I think she was trying to gauge how deep they were! Afterwards, I put her back with her buddies. I am so happy with how good my pony was today!


  1. It's so lovely when they make you feel proud!
    And maybe you've planted the seed of the HorseBug into Alex :)

    1. I hope! I am really trying to plant the horse bug in the baby, I think she is like 3 months old now ;)

  2. This post brought tears to my eyes. I love how generous horses are. What a good girl Shy is!!

  3. Lil kids are the bestest. Just gotta love em, and being a kids firstest is awesome. Nothing like getting the addicted to us from the get go I say.

  4. Good to hear that Shy was so incredibly well behaved!

  5. What a great pony you are Shy, it's always important to show off to visitors, then they never believe your human if she ever says you've been anything but perfect ;-) Love the long ears, Tony looks like a real character!

    1. Tony is funny! I love his brays when he sees me! And you are right, no one believes me when Shy is a brat!


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