Sunday, February 3, 2013


Need I say more?

The hooking of Shyloh to her cart could not have gone any smoother! I really need to thank Jaime for being there, giving me direction today, and heading Shy in the beginning. And I want to thank Kyle for adjusting the harness, putting on the holdback straps, and taking video.

Shy stood perfect for the hooking. No squirming, no jumping, nothing. Perfect. I had to back her up before we went forward, and while backing up is not her favorite, we did it with no issues. Shy stepped off like she was born with the cart attached to her. It was amazing. After a few laps and direction changes, I didn't even need Jaime to head Shy. 

We didn't stay long with the cart attached. I did do some gees and haws, stops and stands, and a few back ups. Funny thing about asking Shy to back up. . .I normally do not have to speak loud when asking Shy to do something. But she is not a fan up backing up. Jaime said to get loud and use a deep voice. So I did, kind of like that KFC commercial where the lady says  "Game day bucket go boom" which I hate, but it always makes me want KFC anyway.  So I lowered my voice and said back very deeply and who would have thought, Shy listened! Ha!

We kept the session short and successful. Shy acted like a pro and was very relaxed though the whole session. I am very happy! We have a lot more work ahead of us, but her accepting the cart like she did will make that work so much easier. Yay us!


  1. Awesome stuff, Allie! And you're right, she does look like she was born with that cart attached to her!

  2. If I hadn't known, I'd never guessed you guys were newbies to pulling. You guys both did so awesome. Can't quit smiling for you :)

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    1. Ha! She probably is and has just been pretending to be scared to get out of any work. Haflingers . . .

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    1. Thanks! If you ever cross the pond, stop by for a ride :)


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