Monday, April 1, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #82

Oops. . .I did a bad. But the snake/hose did jump out and grab me when I wasn't expecting it and I had to get away. Snakes can be poisonous, you know! When I finally gathered my senses and stopped running from the snake/hose I realized I was kinda foolish. I wasn't sure how Allie would react to my bad behavior, so I stayed a little aloof for a few days (that is not hard for me to do, I am not the snuggliest horse). She was really upset.
Snake/hose is really not scary.
So after I ran away the nice barn people took me away from my cart (which I ruined, but Allie says is getting fixed),then they gave me some hay. Allie let me eat for a little bit but then I had to work. We walked all around where I was running and I was fine with it. I was super good for her cause I was really sorry for my outburst.

The next day, we did my favorite thing! A walk through the woods. I was so happy. . .
I smiled to let the world know!
There is so much stuff to eat in the woods. So much stuff to see. So much stuff to walk through. I love the woods! We lost our path and had to make one up through the trees and branches and everything. It was fun!
I see stuff here!
I see stuff over there!
This branch is tasty
I love looking at the woods
I spent a lot of time just hanging out with Allie. I searched her for foods. . .
Foods for me??
I knew she had a carrot! My nose can smell foods from a mile away!
I really need a mustache wax. . .
The weather is getting so nice. There is nothing better than napping in the sun. Ahhh!

I got to hang out with my bud Marshall over the weekend, too. Marshall used to drive a cart for the Amish, but he has a bad hock now so he can't do anything to strenous. He is owned by a little boy who just loves on him and brushes him and walks around with him.  I just hope Allie doesn't have any grand ideas about special trainings or anything since I took off with that cart. . . So, even though the weekend started kinda bad, it ended really good! It was rather relaxing


  1. So glad the poison snake didn't get you. Of course you explained about it maybe being poison so your Mom would understand. She still adores you or you wouldn't get your walk in the woods. I could almost smell that carrot!!!

    1. I am glad the poison snake didn't get me either! That's why I had to run so fast!
      Yummmm, carrots

  2. A walk in the woods can solve just about everything, Shy. Depending, of course, on what you meet in the woods

    1. The woods are full of food. More food than anything else.

  3. Gotta take care of your cart and your mom cute little Shy! Glad your weekend ended up better than it started though :)

  4. Shyly oh Shyly you and your mom are getting there. Snakes alive! lol

    1. Almost. I think Allie is almost ready for me. . .I gotta make her work as hard as I do!

  5. Oh No, Green Garden Hose Snakes, Alive! Glad You Got Away...Sorry About The Cart, But Those Things Happen Sometimes. You're Safe, And Now Have Hoses( Snakes) In Their Proper Place.

    Your Wooded Walking Looks Very Relaxing. Nibbles On Twigs And Stu
    ff, Good.
    Mom's Always Have-One More treat-Don't Ya Know!

    1. The thing that made me most upset about the hose. . . is that it is not hooked up to a water supply and a few days later the barn owner took it down. What?


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