Monday, April 22, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #85

We went turkey hunting!!

But first. . .Allie had to come and pull me off of my grass. Yup, that's right. We got the big pasture opened to us now!

I was quite surprised to see her. . .
Don't just be jumping around corners at me!
And I didn't want to go with her. . .
But I did. Sigh. And I got put to work.
Work outfit
First, I tried to tell Allie that I didn't want to work by dancing gee and dancing haw once she had me all hooked up. That didn't work and Allie made me trot circles in the arena. I find that incredibly boring. 

But after a little bit, into the woods we went! Allie walked me right up to the gate. I am getting so much better at walking up to the gates, even if I don't want to stay there once I get up there. Once we got past the gate and into the woods, something caught my eye. . .
What is that over there?
Turkeys! About fifteen, Allie guesses. The turkeys didn't scare me at all, I wanted to get closer. So off we went in a nice forward walk after the turkeys. They were running through the woods and hopping logs to get away from us, but we kept following. Once the turkeys got into the open, they tried to fly away. It was a good thing, because I don't think we were the only ones hunting turkeys. . .
I spotted some turkeys and a guy over there.
 It was so much fun, even if we didn't catch those winged curiosities. 
Back to work
After that, we walked around a lot more. I was so good. I only scooted once and that was because Allie got her feet tangled in a fallen branch and almost face planted on my butt. What a klutz!

Turkey hunting is some serious business so when we were all done, I had to rest for a bit.
This post was comfy and scratched my itchies
Then, I got to go back to my delicious grass!

See. . .I had to run so fast to get there!
Vrooom! I am speedy.
And make sure it wasn't all gone. 
Me and Dancer
It wasn't. . . but a horse can never be sure!



  1. Shy you're awesome, I always love reading what you've been up to :)

  2. Loving the turkey hunt, definitely requires a dessert of sweet spring grass - enjoy!

    1. It was fun! I wonder if Shy would have tried to eat them like she did the frog. . .

  3. Jealous of the grass big time, I wouldn't be wanting to leave it either. My pasture actually had ducks this morning. Yup, flooded, I won't be using it anytime soon.

  4. That's a nice big green pasture for such a little pony! Enjoy your grasses :)

  5. Shy you are so brave with the turkey...Sarina and I came across turkeys back in Dec and quick spin ...oops Willow was on the ground ...oh my that will teach Willow not to nap in the saddle :)

  6. mmm they love their grass!
    Just as a matter of interest, is Shyloh still super-bossy with the other horses now that they have grass?

    1. Yes! They have actually been a grass a couple weeks, but between busy weekends going down to Ohio for various things and their dinner time by the time I get off of work, I haven't seen her on the grass. There is not much there, it is hard to get to grow in the sandy land that is there. But I am thankful for that. . .let grass to eat and it eases my anxiety of super fat horse and laminitis!


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