Monday, April 8, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #83

What a weekend! I was forced to do work. Actual work. Not the "work" that I do with Allie. It was fun and I think I may have a new love. I was paired with Art. He sure is a handsome Haffie. We kept looking at each other when we had the chance and nibbling on each other. 
Can you see my tongue sticking out?
See. . .I am a good horse! But I have been getting a bad rap at my home. Ever since Lukas left (he was my meal ticket), I have had to fend for myself with my food. So I was forced to be a little bit mean. See. . .

Hey, a working girl has got to eat! And I have to do whatever is necessary to make sure I do.
But I can be nice and share, too. . .When I want. . .

But my ears do get sore from being held back all the time
So it seems that Allie is getting super serious about me pulling a cart. She got me an actual driving bit. She means business now!
It's a straight bar Liverpool. I used a similar one at boot camp.

Allie just needs to realize that I do enjoy going fast. My legs may be short, but they are quick. She has to get used to that and then I think we will be okay. 

And I got a visit from the treat guy! I let him give me hugs because he gives me treats.
Well, I'm off to wash all this sand and dirt off me. It's raining and I am pretty dirty. Ah. . .natures shower!



  1. Hahahahaha I love the video. What a bitchy mare!

    I love it how horses can do that though, even though she's telling the other horse she's boss, she's clearly kicking but not with enough power to seriously hurt the horse, just enough to let her know she means business hahaha

    1. She was done sharing! Sometimes the donkey does not seem to get the horse language. I imagine there are some differences in the species. But yes, Shy has become a force to be reckoned with!

  2. HA, loved the video or your being ready to kick some A#* literal A#% hee hee! Mom would call you a Bee-otch, that's what she calls me when I gots attitude. Mmmmm, maybe that heart on your bum gives you the attitude? Cause it does make you special n all.

    1. Maybe it is the heart :)
      Shy does look like a Bee-otch with those flat ears, doesn't she? Haha!

  3. Big weekend for you! I think you will be a most excellent cart pony :)

  4. Replies
    1. Right! No horse wants a skinny mare. All the stallions and geldings like curves :)

  5. Oh, my, she is certainly the Queen of her colony! How funny to see her chase everyone away from the hay!

  6. Poor starving girl is afraid she will waste away if the nasty mean ponies eat all her hay!

  7. You look good with Art, he's very handsome, he matches your own good looks :-)


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