Thursday, October 3, 2013

fall drive

A few weekends ago, the Northwest Ohio Drafters and Drivers Club held their annual fall drive. Me, Jaime, and Kyle took two minis and Clutch down for the fun. 
Little horses are much easier than big horses
Dexter and Meatball are so much fun to drive. I drove Meatball first and even took him through the covered bridge. I didn't take him far and stayed mostly on the fairgrounds because it has been a while since he did some serious work. Plus, his little legs probably couldn't keep up with the bigger horses. We did some laps around the track on the fairgrounds and kept Flo and her mini Nicky company. 
Meatball wanted to go fast. . . I wasn't ready for that.
Nicky and Flo
Jaime and Kyle went a bit further with Jaime driving Dexter and Kyle riding Clutch. After a bit, they came back and joined us around the track. 
How cute!
Later, Beth with Art and Curly joined us. Beth didn't take her boys too far either, mostly she wanted to get Curly over the covered bridge a few times. Whatever issues he had when he was hooked up last time were gone now. They did great!
Covered bridge
Bethany from our show, with Millie the mule was there as well. And so was Haley with her Belgian Carry. We had a blast. 
Haley and Carry, all four off the floor!
Katie the mule
Millie the mule and Bethany
After the drive, we had mini pony races. First up was Jaime and Meatball vs Haley and Dexter. Then Jaime and Meatball vs Bethany and Dexter. Those little ponies can move so fast and they had them cantering down the track. I think Dexter won both races. . .he is a bit bigger than Meatball. I opted out this time. . .I just didn't feel skilled enough to handle ponies at high speeds.
Go ponies!!!
Laughing all the way!
Next up was draft barrel racing, Kyle and Clutch vs Haley and Carry. Haley won because Clutch just quit right before the end and crossing the line. 
Carry is a thick Belgian!
Clutch can be pretty speedy!
Bethany even had a go on Clutch!
And, I rode Clutch for a very short time! It is so high up there!
woot woot!
I actually got no photos, so all these photos were taken by Karen B. She took a ton of great photos! Fun times down in Ohio and even though I got heckled for my University of Michigan hat (hey,we pulled a comeback from the game the day before), I can't wait to do it again. I love this group of people, we always have the best time. Hopefully, I can get Shyloh to come one time!
Neal's mares taking people for a ride
This guy was a Dexter look alike
Haley's glamour shot
Me and Meatball!

I really like this Haflinger, pretty movement.

Curly, Art, and Beth


  1. really cute minis! I hate to say this but running down the road on a big horse like that without a helmet? Bad decision.

    1. I actually did not see them doing that. . .may be a bad decision, but it is her choice, I guess.

  2. Looks and sounds like you had a blast. We'll keep fingers/hooves/paws crossed that Shy will be able to join the fun next time.

  3. HOW much fun?!! Looks amazing.... minis, hafys, drafts and mules - could life get any better? :-)

  4. Replies
    1. They are so darn cute! Makes up for their attitudes :)

  5. Looks like loads of fun!! Your mini is so cute! =)

    1. Super fun, but not my mini. He is my friend's, so I got lucky was was able to drive him.

  6. Looks great! You are getting lots of experience driving all sorts of horses and ponies. I bet those minis have quite a bit of attitude!

  7. Just the name MEATBALL sooo cracks me up!!! How fun!!

  8. This is ALL totally awesome ! What a fun day.


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