Wednesday, October 29, 2014

no to wheels

Shyloh has been doing fantasically well in her open bridle line driving. Seriously, it has been awesome. I have even taught her to side pass from the long lines, not that it would ever be useful in a cart, but we like doing things like that. 
We also like taking braids out and having curly hair-do's!
The first couple attempts warranted evil glares back at me. She knew what I was asking, but she also knew her dinner was waiting. Shy gave me some very sad excuses for stepping sideways, which included a lot of forward motion.  Eventually, I was able to get some good side stepping out of her and Shy got her dinner. It is so hard to move both the front and back legs sideways at the same time (according to Shy)!

The next few tries went much, much better. I'll have to get some video. But there you have it for another useless skill!

Since she has been doing really great with the line drive again, we decided to give it a try while Terry was driving Reba. We figured, with the open bridle Shy should be much more relaxed.

Well. . .when I pulled her out of the pasture and she saw the cart, from a distance, she locked in on it and wouldn't move. I got her moving again, but she was doing her best to impersonate an Arab with her flared nostrils and short, quick breathing. We didn't even have to walk by the cart to get to our spot!

I helped get Terry and Reba hooked, then tacked Shy in her gear and away we went. Reba and Terry went out ahead of us and we waited for them to pass us near an opening. And Shy tried to turn around and get the hell out of dodge. Fail. 
She was able to look at it without spinning around by the fifth attempt.
I started walking behind Terry and Reba, Shy could handle that. But when I had them trot a lap and come up behind us at a walk, Shy wanted to take off again. This was not the light, easy, one handed line driving I had grown accustomed to. . .this was a two hand-er, pulling back to keep my horse from taking off. Fail again.

I tried having Terry and Reba stand on one spot while we passed them. Again, this was a two handed operation while also not letting Shy circle out 20 feet from the cart. Fail.
This was the only acceptable way to be around the cart, even so, she still had one ear on it and one ear on me.

My conclusion is that Shy hates carts and things with wheels. Beth told me not to give up quite yet, so I might give it a few more tries to see if she relaxes at all. I also plan on trying a sled again, since I had much better luck with that the one year. Sleds do not have wheels, so they must be okay, right?

I admit, I was a little disappointed. With as great as Shy had been doing, I thought she should have been able to handle the cart better, especially since she could see it and it was not attached to her. It wasn't totally terrible, but I really thought it could have been much better. Am I expecting too much? Ponies. . .


  1. I love Shy with curls! I hope she gets over her fear of wheels soon :(

    1. I fear she won't, but that's okay. We can have fun line driving, too.

    or so Shy thinks anyway :-(

  3. Ponies indeed. I'd pay good money to find out what goes on inside their furry little heads. They know they have us wrapped around their hooves....

  4. Keep at it! Maybe she just needs to get used to them?

  5. Maybe just spend a month letting her "chase" the evil thing on wheels. If she spends time chasing it until it is BORING then work on going up beside it and then turning to go back behind it again. Work on that until it is BORING and then see if she can handle having it behind her in some way. I'm trying the same slow stuff with Q and her issues on the trail for awhile. Our mares are so ridiculous with their fears though... I suppose we can only try and try again!

    1. I can keep trying. I plan on giving her another chance, but if she doesn't take to it, it will have to be okay.

  6. Awww! Shy! I wonder why she is so scared of wheels. That is so strange. I was really hoping it would go great since the line driving had been going so well. Is there a way to put a cart by her pasture? That way she could see it every day? I like Liz's idea. Don't give up yet!

  7. Poor girl, that's so odd! It seems like something you can work through, though, just going to take a lot of patience.


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