Wednesday, January 15, 2014

hump day haflinger series #2

One of the really great things about Haflingers (I think) is that the same Haflinger can be successful in multiple disciplines. A lot of the Haflingers and people I have talked to already do so much with their horses. 

The next couple of Haflingers come from TLC Stables in Ohio. This stable has Haflingers that do a variety of disciplines, but I am going to focus on two special horses. Lisa Schott owns both these Haflingers, as well as co-owns the stable, trains horses, and gives lessons.

Haflinger: Whispers of the Fruit CA or Will 
Sire and Dam: Walzertakt and Strawberry Daiquiri CA.
Age: 12 year old gelding
Height: 14.3 hh
Favorite Food: Stud Muffins (Shyloh's too!)
Personality: Will is forgiving and gentle to a beginner rider or little kids, but if a more advanced rider is on him, he will test that rider out. Smart boy!
Likes: Reining
Discipline: Will has excelled in Western classes, particularly reining. 

Reining can be compared to dressage in that the horse and rider need to complete a pattern of maneuvers and are scored based off of the horse's responsiveness to the rider, precision, and smoothness. Some of the popular reining movements are the sliding stop, flying lead changes, and roll backs. 

Will has also shown successfully in Dressage, Western, English, Jumping, Driving, and Showmanship. Will was featured in an article in Horse Illustrated, too!
He is handsome!
  • Four Haflinger National Championships in Western Pleasure
  • Four Haflinger National Championships in Western Horsemanship 
  • One Reserve National Championship in Western Horsemanship
  • Four Haflinger National Championships in Reining
  • 2009 Champion Open Division Freestyle Reining (all breeds)
  • Fifth in Green Horse Division at NRHA Sanctioned Show
  • Seventh in Green Reiner 1 at NRHA Show (all breeds)
  • Highest pointed Haflinger in the Western W/J/L Division with 456 points 
  • Haflinger Championship Challenge (HCC) Year End Championships:  Two Championships in Western W/J/L Division, Three Reserve Championships in the W/J/L division, Two Top 5 placings in the English W/T/C division. 
  • HCC Lifetime Awards: Western W/J/L Division; Superior, Excellence & Merit awards; English W/T/C Division; Excellence & Merit awards:  Western W/J Division; Excellence & Merit awards; Driving - Merit award
Will, loving the tail!
Haflinger: Lucky Princess MMS or Princess
Sire and Dam: Neumeister TOF  and Gold Classified mare Libee's Lady A of Pewamo
Haflingers can be inspected and classified into Gold, Silver, Purple and White for breeding purposes. Only 1-2% of Haflingers receive the gold status. Horses are scored in ten categories based on conformation and movement. 
Age: 6 year old mare
Height: 15.1 hh
Favorite Food: Apples
Personality: Princess can be kind of bossy, but she is also affectionate.
Likes: Working. Princess does much better when she is in work than when she is idle.
Discipline:Western, English, and Pleasure Driving. For riding has done English and Western Pleasure and Horsemanship/Equitation. For driving she has competed in Driven Dressage and Arena Driving Trials.

Driven dressage consists of the same things as ridden dressage with the goal of having a flexible and supple horse that is in tune to the driver. 

Arena Driving Trials are a day long event that have three parts: driven dressage, cones course, and hazards (obstacles) all in an arena. 

  • Haflinger Championship Challenge Versatile Haflinger Award in 2013 (she is 1 of only 3 that have achieved this award all this year), she had to accumulate 25 points in halter, 100 points in western, 100 points in English and 100 points in driving. 
  • 2011 National Champion High Point Pleasure Horse at the National Show
  • 2013 she was Top 5 in the Western W/J/L Division.
  • 2012 Champion in Western W/J/L Division
  • Reserve Champion Western W/J 
  • 2011 Reserve Champion Western W/J
  • Champion English W/T
  • Top 5 Filly/Mare Halter Sr. Division 
  • Lifetime Points awards:  Western W/J/L Division: Excellence & Merit awards -  Western W/J Division: Excellence & Merit awards - English W/T/C Division: Excellence & Merit awards - English W/T Division: Excellence & Merit awards - Driving Division: Excellence & Merit awards - Filly/Mare Sr. Halter Division - Merit award.
Looking good!
Lisa has been riding horses for 36 years. She was introduced to Haflingers by her husband who was looking for a driving horse. Right after that, she stopped retraining OTTB's and fell into the Halfinger hole. Lisa's goals are to continue to show Halfingers and train some of their younger horses for reining. She also wants to focus on her students and be there for them. And she wants to introduce more people to the wonderful Haflinger breed!

Will and Princess are great examples of all the different disciplines Haflingers can do.  Gotta love them!


  1. Ohh love the 15'1 girly!! Fun, thanks for the Haffy info fun!!!

  2. and they look so good at all those disciplines too!

  3. That's neat, specialy since they are very close to us. Never been there though, maybe we'll go visit sometime.

  4. Gorgeous Haffies! I am loving this series!

  5. Nice pics! We're a Haffy family too-- and not too far away over near Utica... been over to TLC a number of times.


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