Thursday, January 16, 2014

in love

Hey, Jaime and Haley,  Can we go tack shopping?

I'm gonna pop some tags
Only got twenty dollars in my pocket
I - I - I'm hunting, looking for a halter
This is f'ing awesome
Nah, walk up to the barn like, "What up? I got a little draft"
I'm so pumped about some shit from the tack shop
Ice on the fringe, it's so damn frosty
That people like, "Damn! That's a cold ass haffie."

Haley was up from Ohio over the weekend, so me and Jaime took her on a trek of tack shops that were located no where near the area that we are located. 
Shy was giving bareback and bridleless rides.
Our first stop was a Western Tack shop which was almost two hours away. The place was huge and had a ton of very over priced stuff. It was fun to look, even though the staff pretty much followed everyone around making comments on their products. I did by Shyloh a halter like the one she broke though. I had to take the tags off before I put it on her because it was pony sized, even though it was the exact same size as the broken cob sized halter (I brought the broken one for measurements). Shy gets embarrassed when she has to wear pony stuff because she is a horse. 
New halter! Only one she does not slip off when she goes inside.
Next we went to this little tack shop that was located on the Ingham County Fairgrounds. The GPS did not understand this concept, but we eventually found it. This shop was less than uneventful and seemed to be short on a lot of their inventory. But they did have Sleezys on sale, so Haley bought on for one of her Haflingers.  I bought a weight and height tape, just because. 

The third place was by far the best. It had a large selection of pretty much everything and it was very nice and not too over priced (because, really, isn't all tack over priced?). It was here that I fell in love. 

They had lots of saddles and we spent some time trying them out, even the English ones. And I fell in love with this:

A Tucker. It was soooo comfortable. It was the best thing I ever sat my ass on, for real. If I had that, I would definitely ride Shy, like right now. Instead, I have an ugly, uncomfortable saddle that I bought to hold us over because it was cheap and Shy had broken her previous saddle that I liked. 

But this Tucker saddle, it was beyond nice. When I bought Shy, I just wanted to trail ride. I didn't even really know about driving. I still want to trail ride. I would be happy if that was all we did. So I really need a saddle that is comfortable for both of us. I liked the way the saddle fit me, I liked the position I was in when I sat. I liked the high cantle and the no horn (cause, you know, boobs tend to pop out with horns). I also liked the fenders over the leathers that another one I tried had. I NEED that saddle. It even had the round skirt that Shy needs. So, if anyone wants to send that Tucker saddle my way, I will gladly give you my address. Until then, I will just drool over the photos and dream of ways to rearrange my finances to afford this saddle sometime in the future. 


  1. I used to trail guide in these horribly uncomfortable Australian endurance saddles - hard as rocks - that felt like they were doing permanent damage to your lady parts. That saddle looks very comfy!

    "cold ass haffie" - lol ;D

  2. The Thrift Shop remix is the BEST!!! Now I may have to go rewrite that entire song...

  3. Tell Shyloh I totally understand. I hate to admit that several pairs of my shoes are actually "kids" sized.

    I've been trying to figure out how to get my hands on a new saddle for what feels like forever. I hope you have better luck than I have!!

  4. Tuckers are so Niiiiiiice! If Shy is built anything like Camryn though, it ain't gonna fit her barrel. Sad I know :(

    1. Don't say that! But I actually think she is not quite as drafty as Camryn. So maybe we have a chance?

  5. Ugh, saddle shopping is the pits. I have never bought a new saddle, but I have certainly drooled over plenty of them! I would try posting on one of the tack trader facebook groups - it's a great way to get the word out there if you are looking for unique or hard to find tack. I'll keep my eye out for you, those saddles are gorgeous!

  6. I coveted a Tucker saddle. I finally found a used wide-tree western Tucker with a short skirt. Perfect! And, it was/is! Here is my post about it:


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