Monday, January 6, 2014

monday musings by shyloh #116

It's snowy and cold. Allie is sick. I've been told she hasn't left the couch all weekend!

So what better way to pass the time. . .I had Kyle chasing me around because I busted out of the barn and ran to the round bale. Ha!

It's from far away, but you can still see how much fun I was having!

Finally made it back with my minions. Stay warm everybody! I know not every horse has a super warm coat like me.



  1. Shy, you should know better than to escape like that, especially when your Mum is sick at home! I hope she gets well soon. <3 Paddington

  2. Great way to excersise the humans Shy. Sorry your Mom is down & out. Hope her health clears along with the weather brrrrrrrrr


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