Friday, January 24, 2014

thawing out

I am sitting her thawing out from this coldness. The temps are low, but it is the wind that is killer. On the way home, the wind was blowing the snow across the corn fields, piling up on the road, and making in near impossible to see. 

It was nice to see Shyloh. She seems completely unfazed by the cold. In fact, when I get past all her hair, her skin is warm. It must be the native mountain pony, bred on the Alps and used to the winters, that is in her blood. 
Wind-blown hair.
Even so, I brought her in the barn with me while I cleaned stalls. It's only five stalls, so it doesn't take long, but I think Shy likes to "help out". She will go from stall to stall and "pick up" and spilled grain or left behind hay. It makes her feel super helpful, I'm sure. . .

Then we just kinda hung out because it is way to cold to do anything else. Shy went digging around in her grooming bag (which has absolutely zero treats in it) and pulling things out. Then she grabbed the clicker in her mouth and began clicking it with her teeth and looking at me. She knows what that sounds means, she wanted her treats! Crazy pony! So of course, she got some, that was pretty cute!

The big guys were all ready to come in early from the wind, so every one got a hay snack to munch on while they were inside. Water buckets got put in the heated trough to melt the solid ice and refilled. Minions came in, too, even if they really didn't want to and I had to chase Gunny as he ran to the round bale. 

I went inside Jaime's to warm up and eat dinner before I left. I went out one more time to help Kyle give the horses more water while they got their dinner hay. I was glad Shy hadn't broke out of her stall yet. Kyle said it's pretty common that she breaks out, but since she doesn't destroy anything while she is out, it is okay. Well, she doesn't destroy anything but her halters. This one lasted two weeks. Ugh. 
From the crown piece, ripped all the grommets out!
One day, it will be warm again. Until then, I will be saddle shopping and thawing out!

And I got my horse box!
A couple stain removers, ShowSheen, anti-bacterial pen, and Herballs!


  1. Too cold to ride here also. But I'm a wimp about the weather. Was wondering if there was some forelock envy with Abercrombie. Cute about the clicker.

  2. That is very funny about the clicker! It actually warmed up some today (22f) but it has been snowing on and off all morning and will be back in the single digits come Monday. This winter is officially getting old!!

  3. Stay warm. It's cute Shy used the clicker. Smart girl.

  4. Brrrr! It is so cold everywhere... except where I live, and I'm not there!

  5. What a smart girl clicking for treats! I couldn't help laughing out loud!
    Yup, tired of the cold here too. :/


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