Sunday, January 26, 2014

winter fun

The wind finally died down enough to have some fun in the snow. What else to do but take the horses sledding! Me and Shyloh used to do this all the time last year, but this year we opted out. Instead, the big horses got to pull the sleds.
Terry and Reba
Notch, you can't see Jaime and Kyle in the sled
It was Terry's first time horse sledding. Reba was a champ and could have cared less. I swear, nothing bothers this horse! Terry and Reba went for a spin in the front year, where Terry learned she couldn't make sharp turns. . .she flipped the sled and landed face first in the snow! Reba didn't skip a beat and kept trucking on all the way to the barn.

After that, we went out back. There was a couple icy patches which the horses seemed to know about without seeing at all. They did their best to avoid those spots. I love that these horses are so good. 

Except when Reba knocked Terry over while we was taking her back. . .
Reba wondering why Terry is down.
Shy was all up in arms about the horse sledding. She was running back and forth. I am not sure if she wanted to join in or was happy she was not a part of the action. Either way, we are still on our break from harnessing and driving. 
What ch'all doin'?
It is supposed to get even colder this week, if that is even possible. Keep warm everyone!


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