Sunday, January 12, 2014

share your barn blog hop

I decided to join in on the barn blog hop! It has been fun seeing were everyone else keeps their horses. So here is where me and Shyloh spend our time together.

1. A View of the Barn
Home of Hidden Creek Draft Horses (plus Haflinger, two minis, and one mini hinny)
The barn is a simple barn. It houses the tractor, round bales, square bales, and tack. There are five standing stalls for the horses to eat. 

2. Your Horse's Living Space

Shy spends the vast majority of her time in this pasture.
Shy spends almost all day and night outside with her minions. She often refuses to come into eat (if she refuses, she does get her food given to her outside. Shy has the option and prefers to stay out. The two pastures used to be opened together, but Shy cannot handle herself on free choice hay and the biggest Percheron, Isaac, likes to play with the little minions and we are afraid he might accidentally hurt them. So Shy gets to live with the minions. 
When she does come inside. . .
When she does come in, it is for a few hours overnight and she has a standing stall. But, she generally slips her halter and wanders the back half of the barn for the night. Once the weather gets above freezing consistently, the horses will stay out. They just don't have a shelter right now. 

3. The Tack Room
Are the carts are stored to the left.
It's more like a tack space, but this is where I keep the stuff that I don't keep in my car.

4. View of Where You Ride
Round Pen
Hopefully, I will start riding. I will start out in the round pen for safety, but eventually, we will head out back. Right now it is an open field, but in spring, the soy beans will be planted. But there is a path around the soy beans for riding and driving. 
Back fields, yup, all of that plus more!
5. Favorite Feature of Your Facility

Well, I board at a friend's house, so they are my favorite features! We have a lot of fun together and a lot of laughs. 

The link doesn't format to my blog widths, but here it is!


  1. Sometimes those friend's farms where things are a little more laid back are the best. I've been at a couple of barns like that and it often felt like home away from home.

    I think a lot of horses would prefer to stay out all night if given the choice!

  2. What a cute little place! I agree having your friends around is an awesome feature!

  3. Haha, I might have to wait till later to share this thing. Pictures of the ghetto round pen make me super embarrassed enough as it is.

    Cute place, yepyep.

  4. Your place looks so nice and homey, I love it!

  5. What a great little barn! Boarding at a friend's barn seems like the perfect setup!

  6. Thanks for sharing your place :) hope you're enjoying the blog hop!


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