Tuesday, November 29, 2011

must teach shyloh to swim

This has to be a record year for rainfall! The pastures have turned into swimming pools and if it gets below freezing (as predicted) they will become ice rinks. The land can't take any more water in, the ditches are full, and the roads are flooded. 

That means ponies are stuck inside. And to make matters worse, the water is seeping into the barn stalls. Fortunately, the stalls have not flooded, like they did at the barn where I leased last year. That was bad! Unfortunately, Shyloh's stall seems to have the worst water seepage, but it is not pooling, just damp. 
Praying "rain rain go away"

My work was kind enough to let me leave and go make sure Shy was not floating down the road. I packed in extra sawdust pellets around the edges of her stall, Ryleigh's stall, and Casi's stall so they can soak up water. I can't stand the thought of Shyloh standing around on damp bedding. Ugh. . .so bad for her hooves! I hope the sawdust soaks up the water until stalls are mucked tomorrow. 

I let out Shy and Ryleigh to stretch their legs in the arena. They had a fun run! It took a little persuasion to get them going, but they needed to get moving!

Then they just hung out and walked around for a while, following each other like they always do. 
Butt sniffer :)
They love long walks on sandy arenas

I wanted to hop on Shy bareback again, but there was no one at the barn and I did not want to get on by myself. Maybe later this week. So I groomed her and took her mane and tail braids out. Her hair is so silky smooth!
No rides for you today :(

I let Casi out in the arena, too!. That horse can run! And he is fast! He has the prettiest trot.

The rain is so bad that when I was driving home from the barn, there where whole sections of road where the water came past my tires! When will it end?


  1. At my old house, we converted an old woolshed into a walk in stall for our horses. It rained pretty heavily once, the day after I had taken out all the shavings and put new ones in, so I had to take them all out again and put fresh ones in. I really HATED taking out shavings, especially when it was wet, because they are SO much heavier.

    I love Shyloh's mane =)

  2. Hi Allison, I'm glad you're enjoying my hoof posts. I hope the rain ends for you soon, flooding stalls are no fun at all :(

  3. Well... it could be s-n-o-w!
    We have white stuff falling right now.

  4. Megan - Thanks! I have found that shavings dont soak up as much. We use Equifresh pine pellets. They are great!

    Smazourek - I really do enjoy the posts! Rain has stopped and the snow has started.

    Dreaming - It has turned to snow! It is not sticking, but it is coming down.


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