Sunday, December 18, 2011

level up!

Shyloh and I have reached a new level in our relationship. I am not sure what made her decide to take the next step, but she has! And it is not just with me, it's with other people, too, like Robin and Kathy. Shy is approaching people on her own, not backing away from people when they approach her, and following me around the arena. She is showing an incredible interest in the things that I have been doing, something she could have cared less about just a week ago. 

However, along with her new trusting behaviors, she has come out of her shell in other ways. . . 

I should have taken this act yesterday as a predictor of what she would do today. . .
Peek-a-boo! Is there food out here?

I had Shy in the arena with Casi and I was cleaning their stalls. After I got Casi back in his stall, I turned around to find a loose Haflinger! Shy had opened the arena doors and started running down the aisle, like I'm free!, but then got distracted by the open hay closet. A Haflinger's mind never strays from food. 
I have discovered the hay jackpot!

And Shy was not my only escapee today. I was taking Baby Bob from the arena to his freshly cleaned stall when he decided at the last minute that he wanted to run toward the slightly open doors at the far end of the aisle. With all his might (and that is a lot of might), he pressed on until I had no choice but to let go of his lead rope or be drug behind him. Good thing it took him a minute to try and figure out how he was going to open those doors. I brought him back to his stall and turned around to put Dannon in his clean stall, when Bob busted out of his stall! He tried to get around Rob (Robin's husband), but was unsuccessful, so he turned around and ran into Ryleigh's stall. Ryleigh was outside with Robin, grazing and waiting to come back inside. Finally, I got Bob and secured him in his stall. Whew. . .it is a much scarier experience when some one else's horse escapes on your watch, let alone the barn owner's horse!

Shy has also discovered a way to ask for treats. How does she do this? Well. . .I taught her how to wave. . .

And now when she wants or feels she needs a treat, she comes up to me and waves. Over and over and over. It is so cute, I can't help but give her the treats when she "asks".

Another new thing for Shy is her playing on her own with Casi. Yesterday, Shy and Casi were in the arena, running like I have never seen them run before!  We were not even making them run, they were doing it all on their own and they seemed to really enjoy themselves! Shy actually worked up a sweat. Here is the video I put together.

And Shy got to hang out with Ryleigh for a little bit, today. They were in the arena and outside grazing. 

Shy also got to spend some time in the arena with Casi. 

We did some free-jumping today, which once again was a lot more work for me than for Shy. My two out of shape legs cannot keep up with her four legs! 

Shy had a busy weekend! The only thing I did not accomplish this weekend was a ride. But I am loving that Shy has taken our relationship to the next level and I look forward to what this brings.


  1. I'm so excited to hear how Shy has changed. Wow! Did you ever think that would happen?!
    I enjoyed your videos.

  2. Dreaming, I thought I might have a horse that was just very aloof! But I am glad she is coming along. I'd rather build a strong bond slowly with her. Thanks!

  3. I'm glad you and Shy are getting closer! She is so cute and sassy! Cute video as well!

  4. That's great that she is settling and showing you her true personality now! We'e always found that a horse which "has no personality" or is "not a people horse" will come around in time, but in some cases it has taken up to a year.

  5. Lol I love that picture of her with her head poking out of her stall. Too cute!

    It's good that she is becoming more trusting =)

  6. Megan, Thanks! She does have quite the personality!

    Martine, She is finally learning to trust and that no one at my barn is going to hurt her. I am not sure what her experiences were before I got her, but I don't think they were good. We have made quite a few strides in the 6 months that I have had her!

    Megan, She is so silly!

  7. Perhaps someone told Shy that Santa is human so she's kissing up to all humans just to play it safe LOL. Love the shot of her poking her head thru to cute.


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