Monday, December 5, 2011

monday musing by shyloh #14

I'm going stall crazy! This rain has kept me inside all week. At least Allie opened by window so I could smell the fresh air. . .until it got too cold and it was voted that it needed to be closed. Good thing Allie, Aunt Kathy, and Aunt Robin let (forced) me run around the arena! A girl has got to get her exercise to keep her figure, especially if she wants to eat as much as I do!
At least I'm not muddy!
I had an eventful weekend. I learned how to get that horrible hay net off the wall! How did I do it? I'll never tell. . .and I didn't even break it! I like to keep Allie guessing.

And one time, I was in the arena with Ryleigh and Allie took him back to his stall for dinner. She left the arena door open just enough so I could fit through! So I went through it. . .  escape! I was kinda surprised at myself and stood just outside the door in shock. . .where to go with my new found freedom? I started to go to the right, but then I realized that MY dinner hay was in my stall, so I went left. straight into my stall. Hey. . .I can't pass up food, that's just not my style!
I reunited with an old flame this weekend, too. Chick went into the arena and he was calling for me, so I answered. This went on for some time, so Allie took me in there with him. Wowza! I couldn't help but "wink" at him, if you know what I mean. Ryleigh was sooo jealous. I must not be a one horse kinda mare. . .but Ryleigh is still my main gelding. 
Me and Chick, catching up on old times and living outside
Ryleigh checking out my luscious apple bottom 
What else went on this weekend. . .oh yeah! Allie rode me without the lunge line! We did real good together. Except at one point, I was paying more attention to following Aunt Robin and I tripped. But we were okay, I wasn't scared and Allie handled it real well. She made me turn left and turn right, stop and go. All on her own and without a saddle! I can tell she is getting more comfortable and her balance is getting better. Although sometimes, when she tapped her boots on the sides of my belly, I startled. . .I prefer her to squeeze gently. I may be sassy, but when I have an important job to do, nothing will get in my way.
I'm good!
Allie also worked with me on the mounting block. I am really not as scared of it as I pretend to me. . .life just isn't as fun without giving Allie a hard time! She kept lining me up, but as soon as she stepped on the block, I stepped away and she had to start all over. Soon, that got boring though, and I let her get on my back. Allie was really living life on the edge, because we were all alone in the barn! She did not have any helpers like all the other times. She sat on my back, so I was real good for her. I didn't move a muscle because she didn't ask me to. She kept rubbing my neck and telling me how good I am. Then she hopped off and I got some good eats! Sometimes, it sure pays to be good!
I was fell asleep with my head sticking out of my stall!
Well, that was my weekend. It was good times! I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend, too!



  1. I love the big smile on your face when you're riding!

  2. It sounds like you had a busy weekend despite the lousy weather.

  3. Camryn here:
    I'd of turned left for the food too!!!
    Mom says she's way jealous of your being able to give your Mom rides in a nice dry arena. Her also says your napping was sooooo, adorable and sweet :)

  4. Wow, Shyloh - you are such a pretty horse. And you're good too? No wonder Allison likes you so much!


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