Saturday, April 28, 2012

prep day

Aside from cleaning stalls and feeding horses, I spent most of the day prepping Shyloh for our first big debut into the world. . .aka the clinic. I am so excited to go! I must be if I am willing to be to the barn at 6:30 am to feed Shy and get her ready to board the trailer. That is earlier than I have to wake up for work!

I brushed Shy. She has managed to become dusty again, but it is too cold for a bath. I kept her tail braided all week, so I added some spray hair moisturizer. Then I moisturized her mane and braided that, just to try to keep it tame. 

Kathy came and gave Shy a massage! She loved it! She does not appear to be sore anywhere and was a good sport during the massage. Dropped head and droopy lipped the whole time.
Ahhh. . .That's the spot!
I got muscles!!
Work it Kathy!
After Shy's wonderful massage, I walked her around the arena, then took all of her braids out. Her hair is so nice. . .I hope it stays that way overnight. 

Wish us luck in hopes that I have a Halfinger that behaves herself tomorrow! Did I mention that I was excited? There are supposed to be lots of other Halfingers there, too! It is a Spring Draft/Driving Clinic. We are going to start with:
  • Braiding and Decorating Drafts. I hope I finally learn how to do some decent braiding.
  • Draft Showmanship. I know nothing about this, so it will be fun to learn!
  • Safe Harnessing and Hooking. Very important. They will check harness fit, but I am doubtful that I will hook Shy up to a cart tomorrow.
  • Harnessing. Just more on harnesses? I have no idea. . .
  • Driving. Yay! Fun to watch the other horses drive and learn to better line drive Shy.
  • Open Work Time. I guess this might be like a free session? Work on what you need to work on?
So that is the itinerary. But I have a feeling I will be learning a lot more that what is on the paper. Shy's first time (with me) being in a big group of other horses outside of her barn, new people, new place. . .but I am excited (have I already said that?)!

***We are doing a 50 Photo Challenge on Shy's Facebook page. Come check it out and join in if you want!***


  1. Good luck Alison and good luck Shylo.:) hope its a huge success and looking forward to reading about your adventures together :)

  2. If she's dusty take a damp cloth and rub it all over her. It gets that layer off dust off the top coat that the brushes leave. :D I bet you had so much fun at the clinic. It sounds so exciting!


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