Sunday, April 29, 2012

big clinic day!

Today was the big day! And, whew, am I exhausted! Me and Shyloh, along with Jaime and Kyle, Notch and Clutch, went to a draft horse/driving clinic in Ohio. My third weekend in a row spent in Ohio. . . We were a little late and missed the braiding part, but I learned a ton of other things. And everyone there was so nice and helpful! Plus, there were lots of Halfingers!
Waiting for the Pony Express to take us to the clinic!
First, the bad news. . .I am pretty sure Shy broke my pinky toe. It is swollen and bruised and hurts. I never realized how much we depend on that toe, I always thought I could do without it. We started the day with her stepping on my foot and I just knew that was going to be the bad omen for the day.

Now, the good news. No. . .great news! Shyloh was amazingly awesome at the clinic! She was on her very best behavior. She marched right on the trailer and dug into her hay bag. She had no problem being in the tight space that was reserved for her in the trailer. Then we went to pick up the big boys from their barn. Again, Shy had no problem with a giant Percheron and humongous Clydesdale right next to her.
All she needs is some hay and she is happy as a Haffie can be.
Big horse, little horse
A little over an hour in the trailer and we were at the Harry Hughes Youth Equestrian Center. It was a nice place!. They had a large outdoor arena, a smaller outdoor arena, lots of grassy areas, places to park trailers, and trails. Shy hopped off that trailer like, Hello!! I am here! Being in a completely new place with new people and new horses did not phase her at all. I tied her to the trailer and she just stood there.
Does she have donkey sized ears or what?
Oh, delicious hay. This is not bad at all!
Then it was time for the Showmanship part of the clinic. We had to stand in line, then when one person went, we had to back up the horse and move down the line until it was out turn. Shy was a backing up champion and stood like a pro. She was not fidgety at all. 
Waiting for our turn!
Then we did a walk/trot/golf club pattern. I had to learn how to stand Shy so the pretend judge could walk around her. They had to explain everything to me, I knew nothing. But Shy was excellent!
Kyle and Clutch
Jaime and Notch
Next, we harnessed up the horses and did some line driving in a figure eight around the cones. We kinda fell apart here, but we got some much needed assistance! I need to be sterner with Shy.After that, we were line driving all over the place and even did a small obstacle course! She was a little butt clenchy, but got over that pretty quickly.

Jaime and Kyle hooked Notch and Clutch to their carts and they drove around the arena while we practiced line driving outside the arena. We stopped to watch the Haflingers, Gypsy Vanners, mini horse, and a few other horses trot and walk around the arena. Shy was very interested in all of them. How cool is this:
Jaime and Notch
Kyle and Clutch
And, of course, Shy cannot go anywhere without a gelding falling in love with her. She met Rambo, who was cast under her spell. Aren't they cute together?!
They were kissing each other!
Today has led me to a couple conclusions:

  • Shy likes to travel. She was totally fine with everything that went on today. She was so calm and at ease all day.
  • We might have been convinced to do some in hand shows in this circuit! We had fun!
  • If I think Shy will act up, she is an angel. When I think she is going to be good, she is not. So I will be thinking the worst from now on and have myself a perfect little pony!


  1. Sounds like a great outing! Except for the toe - ouch!! - hope it heals up quickly.

    1. Kate, it was awesome! I can't believe how good and relaxed Shy was. Looking forward to more of these!

  2. ! That's so awesome! : ) She looks like she had a blast herself, and I don't doubt Shy's wondering when SHE gets a cart ; )

    ...perhaps when she stops stepping on Allison's toes... ; )

    1. She will get a cart when she learns how to whoa properly. . .and stops breaking my toes, haha!

  3. It all sounds like fun... well, except the pinkie toe! Ouch! Not fun!
    I'm glad you got out and had the chance to hear and learn new things. That's great!

    1. I just read Kate's comment.... I can't believe how similar our first sentences are!

  4. Love your excitement, soooo proud of you and Shy for stepping out and trying something new like that. Glad you both had such a great time, with the exception of your poor little piggy toe.

  5. Hahaha I like the reverse psychology! It sounds like she was so awesome! I'm so glad you had so much fun!

    Oh and I hope your toe wasn't broken!


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