Tuesday, April 10, 2012

testy testy. . .

Shyloh threw every trick in her book at Beth tonight! Beth was going around the arena and stated that we couldn't see it, but she was having major arguments with Shy! This turned into visible arguments. . .

First it was OMG! You touched me with your leg! I must scoot away at lightening speed!
Then came I think this door is super scary and mountain lions are hiding behind it! I must take off past it!
And If I act super scared of everything, will you get off of me?
Next up was going behind the bit. She learned this quick and keeps on trying to do it. Ugh.
After that was Leg? I are bumping me? Oh, kicking now? I can't feel anything. Oh. . .you want me to disengage my rear end? Fine. . .
That turned into I'm not moving, I don't care what you do to me!
Finally, Shy came up with When she asks me to canter and I pick up the wrong lead, we stop! Moohahahaha!
Frustration! But eventually Shy straightened out (somewhat) and did some real work. Actually, Shy's canter transitions have really improved! Only a step or two of turbo trot before she takes off into the canter and she is holding it longer. By the time Shy got done, she was sweating! A ton! Her ears, her neck, her girth, underneath the saddle pad, and she even had the foamy butt sweat! She has never had foamy butt sweat before! 
I don't know what got into Shy today. The lesson did not have the best start. On the first go around the arena, Shy got too close to the wall and her rear hoof hit it scaring the bejesus out of her. Beth had to really get her to stop. This lesson was different in that she had an audience of people watching and usually no one else is there but me. And there was another horse being ridden in the arena who was acting up himself, but Shy did not seem bothered by him. Excuses.  
The only thing I can think of was that Shy was being testy. She was seeing what she could get away with and trying some old tricks that may have gotten her out of working before. Well, those don't work with Beth. Beth made her back up, repeat, and disengage her rear end. 
I did get on Shy to walk her around the arena a few times. She was very relaxed and tired! She did not want to move! Her turns are so much better now, not the super sensitive turn, but a more controlled turn. It was nice, but I am still not comfortable in that dressage saddle!
Hopefully Shy has realized that she failed her own tests and goes back to her complaint self! I did not get video of her acting up, I was too much in shock by what she was doing! I wish I did get some to show what she was doing and how Beth was correcting it. But, oh well. . .
One more day of work, then Equine Affaire!!


  1. Could she be coming into season? (Not that that is an excuse!...but it might be an answer as to why!) One of the horses I was dealing with at therapeutic riding was AWFUL! We decided it was hormonal!

    Foamy Butt Sweat?! Love it! I knew exactly what you meant!

    Oh... and Shy kicking the wall and going bonkers? Doc did that on Saturday... sort of... he kicked dirt into the fence and was somewhat startled.

    The pictures look fabulous. She doesn't look testy at all!

  2. Sounds like someone is testing the waters like a preteen.

    1. Yup. She is trying to see what she can get away with. I hope what she took away from all that was that her behavior just makes h er have to work harder.

  3. Camryn here: I know when I'm being a putz Momma chants "this is a test, this is only a test". When I hear that I know she's determined to carry on.
    Don't forget to give your Mom a detailed shopping list for Equine Affaire.

  4. lol; I'm going to counter Miranda and say it has nothing to do with pre-teens...my boy's already a teenager and behaves like that somedays! : P AND he's like Dreaming's and sometimes scares himself when he kicks sand into the arena wall. Silly ponies!

    Glad you guys are pressing on, and like all children, I'm sure Shy will decided to (most of the time) do as she's told. But let's face it. If she didn't act up sometimes, you wouldn't appreciate when she's being a doll! : )

    Have fun at Equine Affair! Totally jealous!

    1. That is true! She really is so good most of the time, so I really do appreciate it!

      I will take lots of pics and try to get some video. They have lots of Haflinger shows!!

  5. Shy is such a cutie...it would be hard to stay mad at her. :-) I look at "testing" as a sign of intelligence. Having said that, she will figure out that testing will cause more work. Have a great time at Equine Affair!

    1. It is hard to stay mad, that is part of the problem!
      She is smart. . .too smart sometimes.

  6. She looks like she has nice movement. I'm glad Beth was able to correct her tests and get her worked into a foamy butt sweat lol. Loved it!

    Hope you have fun at Equine Affaire!

  7. Maybe she's just being hormonal.

  8. Days like this just makes you appreciate the rock star days even more hehe. :D


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