Tuesday, April 24, 2012

padded cells and restraints

Shyloh needs a padded cell stall and restraints a muzzle to live her daily horsey life. She is such a special pony. . .in many ways.

I am trying to keep Shyloh in a nice condition for the clinic we are going to on Sunday. She is not in agreement with this, of course. Not only does she still have the scrape above her eye, she poked herself on something right above the scrape. This horse needs a padded stall. I have went and put duct tape over every surface that could be causing these scrapes. 
Now, she comes in from the pasture with what appears to be a hoof mark on her back. Shy seems to be doing everything in her power to embarrass me at the clinic. We will be going and she is going to look like a neglected horse! I can't even imagine how she will act. . .but she has been known to surprise me at times.
Mare, you looks good, won't you back that a$$ up
I am pretty positive that she asked one of the taller horses to rear up and land on her. I am also pretty sure she was trying to get said horse to mark her in an area that the saddle is supposed to go. Thankfully, it landed a little further back. Shy was not sore, but I put some Vetricyn on it and my customary silver spray bandage. The next time she was outside, I brought her in with little burrs all in her forelock. Why, Shy, why? At least she is leaving her braid in her tail. . . 
Help me!
But on to good pony news. . .Shy spent two days in the pond pasture with her herd on grass and kept her grazing muzzle on! She does spend a few minutes at the beginning trying to get it off, but once she realizes it is not going anywhere, she puts up with it and walks the whole pasture trying to get grass. The other horses barely moved ten feet from the gate when they got in the pasture. They put their heads down and kept them there until it was time to come in. 
Call the authorities, I am being held against my will.


  1. Have Shy and Pippi been talking? Pippi cut her nose, who the heck knows how and her hip. Goodness Girls!

  2. Shy reminds me of my cat Violet. Our relationship consists mainly of me trying to save her life

  3. Hey another good side effect of the muzzle! She's moving around more and eating less grass. No wonder she's looking so awesome. :D


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