Friday, June 29, 2012

(trying to) stay cool

It's too hot to work! Shyloh and me have been on a horse vacation this week.

What does a horse vacation consist of? Mostly trying to beat the heat! But we did some other things like. . .

Putting up an Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Ball. . . sugar free of course!

Running through the arena sprinkler!
Spotty wet pony!
Clicker training not to eat grass. I am tired of having my shoulder yanked out of my socket!

Eating grass! And doing Shy's mane in braids to keep her cool.
So yummy!
Hanging out in the pasture, fully decked out in her gear!
Alien Shy, she comes in peace.
Most importantly, a horse vacation constitutes no riding or line driving. . .just the way Shy likes it. But since the weather shows no sign of cooling off, we might have to do some short sessions and suffer through the heat. Maybe the threatening thunderstorms will cool the air, doubt it though, it's most likely to make it more muggy. Then me and Shy's hair will look like we stuck out fingers/hooves in an electric socket! 


  1. I hear you girl. This heat is soooo opressive. I got hosed down today. The downside of that is I have to get naked and the bugs start eating me alive as I get cooled down. Can't win either way, hot in my rug, or eaten alive SIGH

    1. Your mom is in the running for Haffie mom-of-the-year, too, for trying to keep you bug free!

  2. Oh man, the heat is horrible! But it is sure better than freezing cold!

    1. Oh, I don't know! For me, it is much easier to warm up than cool down!

  3. You are so nice to braid that thick, luscious mane to help keep her cooler! You are in the running for Haffie mom of the year

    1. I can't believe how much thicker her mane got in almost a year! I hate having my hair down, especially in the summer, I thought she might appreciate it off her neck, too.


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