Thursday, July 5, 2012

hobby horse blog hop #19

Here are the rules:
Answer one or all of the prompts. Link back to Living a Dream's post. Visit other blogs. And don't forget to ask a question of everyone else!
1. How did your horse (dog, cat, other pet) get his or her name? 
It seemed that Shyloh took forever to get her name. She originally came with the name Pumpkin, but that did not suit her. I wanted a name that really fit her personality or had to do with her Austrian origins. Eventually, after having no name for a while, I had a name. It seemed like fate. I had spend the weekend at my dad's house mulling over names. When I got to the barn, I was getting ready to announce the new name and a bunch of people at the barn said I should name her Shyloh. I said that was the name I picked over the weekend! And it stuck. Although she can be pretty sassy, she still is shy around new people. Cooper and Maggie got their names by agonizing over hours of discussion with my husband until we finally agreed on something.

2. What names for horses, dogs or cats (chickens, guinea pigs..... and so forth) do you think are especially cute or clever?
I actually think Pippin and Doc are so cute! And I do love Lord of the Rings. I have a friend who has a mini named Pancake and that mini had a baby with they names Butter.

3. Tell us about your first pet.
Cooper is my first pet as an adult. We got him from an animal shelter. He is the sweetest most loving dog. He is really easy going and we can do just about anything with him. 
My question: What is the most unusual pet you ever had?


  1. I had remembered the origin of Shyloh's name - that she was shy, but I had forgotten that your barn buddies also suggested the name. It was meant to be. She is most definitely NOT a Pumpkin! I work with a Haffie at the therapeutic center named Randy. Now, if Randy were a girl, Pumpkin would suit him/her... but I don't think horses are into the sex change thing - so I guess it won't happen!
    Aww, thanks for thinking my guys' names are cute. The names do suit their personalities, that's for sure!
    I love your question and I have had a few slightly oddball pets - since I had boys and all. We had a Ball Python - the story of his acquisition needs to become a blog post! We wintered a box turtle who had been hit by a car and broken his back legs. He was a success story - by spring he was healed and ambled happily off into the woods. We raised some Wood Duck ducklings. We thought they were Mallards for a bit, then realized what we had - keeping Wood Ducks was against the law in SC so we were very quiet about their captivity. We hardly handled them and released them when they were old enough to fend for themselves. We also kept some Fiddler Crabs for a while. They were interesting because they kept to the schedule of high and low tides, even though they were in an aquarium in our house!

  2. I like how Shyloh got her name. Fun how others at the barn were reading your mind. Cooper and Maggie are adorable. My strangest pet? It is a toss up between a garter snake and a tree crab. I also had a quail for awhile. I rescued it from a cat, literally out of the mouth of the cat, took it to the vet and had its wing repaired and kept it in my bedroom until it was healthy enough to let it go.

  3. Love your answers!

    The most unusual pet we had growing up was a squirrel named Bomber. He was just a couple of weeks old when Bill rescued him and we had to feed him with a dropper. He lived with us in the house for years until he died. Best. pet. ever.

  4. Wow! Lots of unusual pets! I had a frog. . .haha. And besides the two dogs and horse, I have a rabbit. Does anyone want a rabbit? They are stinky and she is kinda mean. . .

  5. I've had lots of pets, but they never seemed unusual to me. I think the most unusual was my raccoon named Ichabod. I've also had turkeys, quail, rabbits, snails, frogs, hamsters, etc. None of those seem odd to be though lol. :)


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