Thursday, July 12, 2012

hobby horse blog hop #20

Here are the rules:
Answer one or all of the prompts. Link back to Living a Dream's post. Visit other blogs. And don't forget to ask a question of everyone else!

1. Describe a summer 'snapshot' memory that you have.
Hmmm. . . I have to think about this one! The summer before I went into third grade, we had a family reunion. All my cousins were on this slide. Well, I wanted to go down the slide and not wait in line, so I climbed up the slide part and promptly fell over at the top. I landed on my arm. I started crying and my dad rushed me to the hospital. I kept saying, it's broken, it's broken. My dad was like nah, you are fine. If you say my arm, you would wonder how he would say that. . .my hand was two inches higher than the arm part. Needless to say, I broke my wrist all the way across. I had a cast on for over three months and I had to have surgery to re-set my wrist. Not fun.

2. What things are you working on with your horse, dog, pet, child, husband or?
Well, I guess I am working on dressage with Shy. Well, Shy is working on dressage. . .not so much me. Beth even mentioned taking her to a competition that has a green horse division, which is just walk/ trot. Of course, Beth would ride. We both think this would be fun! 
I am also working on a picture DVD for Mike's grandpa, who passed unexpectedly on Wednesday. It is so time consuming to scan an upload all the photos, but it is really neat to go through them, especially the old ones. He has a ton of cool, old, black and white albums that have all the photo information written on the back of the photos in Italian by his parents.

3. Vegetables: from your garden, the farmer's market or the store? What are your favorites? Do your animals have a favorite?
Well. . .I am not much of a vegetable person. I like fruit much more. There is a small farmer's market by my work that is open on Wednesdays that I go to. But otherwise I get my veggies and fruits from the store. I cannot keep anything alive that grows from the ground, except weeds. 
Shy likes carrots and cauliflower. She is also a fruit lover!

My question: Speaking of snapshots, on average, how many photos do you take to get that one perfect photo? And do you have any fancy camera equipment?


  1. A perfect photo? I don't know that it's possible! I have been using my phone more and more for pictures and videos. I have an older Canon point and shoot, but it doesn't fit in my pocket. I hate the pause that occurs between pushing the button and the picture being taken. I miss a lot of pictures that way. Recently I've been taking screen shots from videos. They aren't high resolution, but they work for me.
    I didn't mean for my question to remind people of pain! It was intended to bring back a fond memory! Ouch! I did have to laugh at your dad's reaction. My uncle did the same thing when I broke my wrist while visiting at my cousin's house. But, when he saw my misshapen arm he blanched!

  2. My photo equipment consists of: one camera phone.
    I take many, many average-to-poor shots before getting a passable one :)

  3. I can take up to two hundred pictures and get around thirty awesome ones, quite a few average ones and a few blurry ones that have to be deleted. It all depends on the time of day and the subject I'm photographing lol. I don't have fancy camera equipment. My digital camera is mid range (not a DSLR), a tripod (cheap!) and rechargeable batteries (because otherwise I would go through a million of them!). I would love to get a super fancy camera and learn how to shoot in RAW. That would be so awesome!


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