Monday, July 23, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #47

Yesterday was my birth-iversary! It was great. And. . .
I am so in love. . .he threw me right in heat!
We would make lovely chestnut babies. . .but he is gelded
I got a pony! And he is actually a pony, a Sport Pony, unlike me, who is a horse. He is just my size and I love him. He is 13.3hh and chestnut, just like me!  Really love him! His name is Robbie and he came to me to get in shape for eventing. Me and Robbie have a lot in common. Robbie is a scooter and a-scared of things, but Beth will help him through all that, like she helped me. I told Robbie that he doesn't need to be scared of things at this barn, everyone is real nice. Just pretend to be scared when the two leggers want you to do work. 
Flirting over the fence <3
Casi was not impressed with the new guy and wanted me to keep my distance
He looks just like a little itty bitty Red! I am sure I will get Allie to get some better photos to show off his super cuteness.

Poor Red. . .He has to go to Michigan State for a study on Wednesday. Sad face. He is not coming back. The chiropractor and vet did not have good news for him, neurological problems and what not. The chiropractor came out to crack-a-lack me and proclaimed that I have shown significant improvement! Yay! But Allie can write all about that, it's too technical for me!

Can we all take a moment for Red? Here is a video that shows his goofy personality! Even though he could have a strong personality and had a ton of health problems, we will all miss him at the barn.


  1. That Robbie is a cutie for sure. Can't wait to see more of him on your blog. That's to sad about Red, felt even sadder after watching the video cause you could just tell what a great guy he is.

    1. He is full of energy! I am glad I am going to the barn to feed tonight, I'll be spending a little extra time with him :(

      Robbie is going to be a trip, I just know it! He is the loudest horse in the barn, for sure! He sure makes his little presence known! What is it about smaller horses? haha!

  2. Red's video is so much fun to watch. So sad that he is having such problems. Dreaming wrote about another red guy... Big Red. What is it about red horses?

  3. That is so sad about Red. :( Watching the video made me laugh, but it also brought tears to my eyes.

    Robbie looks like he's going to be fun.

    How tall is Shyloh?


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