Sunday, July 29, 2012

spectating an eventing show

I went to my first eventing show with Beth and our friend Anthony, as a spectator. What fun! Although I only watched the cross country and I missed the prelims and only got to see the novice and beginner novice riders, it was a great experience. The weather was perfect for this outside event.

And the best part. . .I got to see not one, but two Halfingers run the course!  Tudor Oaks Farms had a Halfinger there, Heaven Sent TOF, which was very cool. I completely dork-i-fied myself with my Halfinger knowledge, which I graciously shared with Anthony. Those not familiar with Haflingers are unaware that those horses can do just about anything!

Here is Heaven Sent TOF on the first few jumps for the Beginner Novice class

As a group, eventers seem like a nice bunch of people.  At the end of the day, the farm, Cobblestone Farms, had a band and food for all the participants. The land that the farm was on was beautiful. They have a permanent cross country course right on the property with nice jumps, hills,  and water jumps. 

One of the volunteers gave us a Gator ride around the property. Me and Anthony sat in the back, laughing pretty much the whole ride, it was so much fun! Beth was up front with Travis, the volunteer, as we sped up the hills, around the jumps, and through the woods. They kept lifting the bed of the Gator like they were going to dump us. We went to the dressage area, which was now the stadium jumping area, set up for tomorrow. Kinda hard to see, it was dusk and the camera phone does not have the greatest flash.

At this show, the riders were able to compete for Breast Cancer, so many of the horses and riders were wearing pink and had pink ribbons stenciled on their horses. The next show is in August, I hope I can go. That is a busy month!!


  1. That was the same barn that I was selling my OTTB.Tee's at :) VERY nice people aren't they?! Let me know if you go in August and I'll join you! xo

  2. I'm impressed by eventers, but I think they're a little crazy, too. I enjoy watching them, but don't think I have any interest in doing it. We had a woman on the set who is an eventer and she just lit up when we took her to Julie's pasture and made some obstacles for her to jump over. I would have had a heart attack doing it, but she just came alive when we asked her to pretend it was a cross-country course and jump the rock wall and a log.

    Yep, they've definitely got a crazy side.

  3. I used to love eventing at the very beginning levels. A few years ago I had the opportunity to be a cross-country obstacle judge at an international junior event. Holy Cow... the jumps were taller than me! I can't imagine jumping them.
    The haffie is cute. I loved watching his ears as he came into the jump. You could see him asking, "Do you want me to jump that? Huh? What do you say?! Let's go!"

  4. That is so cool! I want to see cross country in person. Must be so fun and exciting! :D That farm looks absolutely awesome. I'm glad you got to go and had a good time.


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