Monday, November 5, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #61

Fashion Show!

Allie got me a few new things and I got to model them. Because I am a super fuzzy super model. And super cute. I don't think I am cut out to be a super model though. . .it gets super boring and I was falling asleep by the end of it. And it does not involve eating grass. 

New western bridle. It's cute and it fits just right. It has a knot thing right in the middle of the brow band, so there is a tiny bit of flair to this bridle. Brand new and a great deal!  Now I just need a matching breastcollar. . .and a saddle. . .nah, I don't need a saddle.

English bridle! What?? Allie said she got a really good deal on this and could not pass it up. And it came with reins. It is a hunt bridle. I wonder what I will get to hunt in it? Hopefully hay! Allie was told it was cob sized, but its not. . .it just fits right on the smallest holes. I am so beautiful in this bridle, it's blinding and I have to close my eyes.

Teal rope halter. Allie has never used a rope halter before, but she said for 8 bucks for the halter and lead, she couldn't pass it up! Now she just needs to figure out knots. . .knots are her weakness!

Bell boots. Kinda cheap, but they have velcro to secure them. I promise they are not tight on my legs, I am just so fuzzy! I don't really need them, but they are good to have.

5. Polo wraps. Navy blue. Everyone knows what polo wraps look like and everyone knows what navy blue is. Allie was too lazy to wrap my legs. But polo wraps are good to have, too. 

Cooler. (not bought at tack sales) I think it makes me look like a mini! But I will only be wearing this for a short time and only if I get sweaty. So probably never, since I rarely sweat. Although it was comfy and seemed to fit really well. I have to give Allie kudos on this since she have never bought any type of blanket before and didn't know what would fit me. Happily for me, I won't ever be turned out in this, could you imagine what my herd would think? I am already the smallest horse out there and this is not flattering to my height at all. 

7. Shipping boots. (also not bought at tack sales) Allie could not find any cob sized boots for a reasonable price. So she went with horse size. Eh. . .they are a little long. So Allie asked the lady who fixed the surcingle if she could cut some off and sew to the right length. The lady said yes, so Allie needs to get the measurements. 

I will soon be a fully loaded horse, minus a saddle. . .
Wormer smile!! Yeah, I got that, too. . .


  1. Wow she got you lots of nice things Shy, looks great on you too!

  2. Shy - she shoulda put it all on you at once!!!! except the two bridles =)

    1. Ha! She doesn't want the new barn to know just how crazy she is. . .yet. . .

  3. Wow, you made out big time girl!!! I gotsa red cooler that was Mo's I've never worn it yet. Mo was huge so wonder iffen it'll touch the ground? LOVE the lipstick smile :)

    1. Do your own fashion show :)
      Lipstick. . .a much fancier word for wormer lips!

  4. LOL, the cooler does make you look like a mini, Shy!
    And that's quite a 'tache you've got going there, too, although it's nowhere near as impressive as Flurry's :D

    1. The mustache is not complete yet, it will grow more. Take a photo of Flurry's! I want to see :)

  5. Shy, you make all those things look pretty. And you have a great smile!

  6. Your mommy has good taste. I would steal all of those things for my horses. The long blanket looks fine. Coolers are always too long. All the fancy horses have big coolers. A horse as fancy as you must have a pretty fleece blanket.

  7. I love the teal rope halter. Too cute!

    Looks like you got all sorts of fun things. :)




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