Sunday, November 18, 2012

the little pony that could. . .

. . .do anything and leave me utterly amazed!

A girl at the barn (she used to board where I leased Mia) offered to try some of her saddles on Shyloh. I said sure, why not? The first saddle was an eventing saddle. It fit Shy great. So I asked if she wanted to ride Shy. Chelsea said yes. 

Chelsea has a Mustang Arab cross that she trained herself named Treasure. She did a great job with him. I told Chelsea all about Shy's little quirks - the scooting, rough transitions, hates the mounting block, how she can be a little uneasy at first, everything I could think of. Chelsea was still game to ride Shy, but she did want to lunge her first. I don't blame her. . .this was her first interaction with my horse. 

Shy was great on the lunge. Chelsea commented how Shy was real keen on verbal commands and listened really well. 

Then Chelsea hopped on Shy. At first Shy put her head high, eyes wide, ears on Chelsea. I thought I hope this goes well . . .

Shy was a dream! She walked off good, set her head and completely listened to everything Chelsea asked. Chelsea remarked that Shy was incredibly in tune to her seat and leg aids, she didn't even have to use the reins. When Chelsea asked for a trot, Shy made a smooth transition. I was jaw dropping amazed. Shy has not been ridden in months! Shy did spook once that resulted in a scoot, but it was minor and Chelsea rode it out without a problem. Chelsea also did some dressage moves with Shy. I was so proud of my girl!

Next it was my turn. . .now remember, this was an eventing saddle. I have never been in an eventing saddle. It was different. I did not feel secure and the stirrups were so short. I asked Chelsea to walk next to me, just in case. We did a walk around the outdoor arena. It felt to good to be on my horse even in the strange saddle. 

After Shy's "hard" work, I put her back with the herd. She rolled her day away.

Oh, and I have to include this photo of the barn manager's grandson riding Tony! Too cute!


  1. Good to see you up on your girl. Now you have a warm up girl, you'll be up there more often I bet. That little boy on Tony, just love that!

    1. Just not in that saddle! My legs were so high, I felt like a jockey! I really need to find me a secure western saddle.

  2. Yay! You got to ride your pony!

    I'm super excited for you.

  3. What a fun day! How wonderful to see Shy do so well with a totally different rider - and saddle. I bet it felt funny for her, too!

  4. I'm so, so pleased for you! You've been working so hard with Shy and making progress with everything else, maybe it's only logical that she will be calmer to ride and more capable of listening to her rider because of all the work you've done.
    I'm thinking of buying a Western saddle for Aero, or maybe an Australian stock saddle... we'll be comparing saddle notes in no time

    1. Sweet. . .I definitely do not recommend an event saddle for every day riding. I need to get a secure western saddle. i have thought about an Australian saddle before, it seems like it is a cross between and English and western saddle. If you get one, I'd like to hear your reviews on it!

  5. Super, glad to see you be able to ride. Sounds like some great people out there for you.


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