Thursday, November 1, 2012


No news really. Shyloh is getting more and more fuzzy every time I see her. We have not done any work all week and we probably won't through the weekend either. Tonight I am headed out to the Topeka Auction in Indiana. I am not buying anything, but I am going with Jaime and Kyle, who hope to purchase a draft horse. Should be interesting. . .I have never been to an auction. Then when I get back, I would like to go to a tack sale near Ann Arbor. And that pretty much sums up my weekend.
Windy troll forelock!
Shy's eye looks better. There is no more swelling and she is keeping it open now. So that is good. 
Looking better!
And, even though she was in the way, way back of the pasture, behind the woods, when I walked out there and called her, she came running to me! That was really the highlight of my day!!  But something weird happened while I was getting Shy out of the pasture. . .some kid was zooming through the HORSE pasture on a 4-wheeler. . .what the hell? Obviously, this was not his first time in there, as none of the horses cared. I yelled at him and told him he needed to leave and make sure he closes whatever gate he came in. Then I got the barn manager. Turns out, it is a relative of hers that lives next to the pasture. She does not like that they keep 4-wheeling there, but it seems that there is nothing she can do. . .what? How can you just let people 4-wheel in a horse pasture? Strange.
To the left, to the left. . .
Slide to the right. . . 
Aside from that, the pine tree that fell has been removed and the barn manager was zipping around on her golf cart checking fences. It is nice to see things getting done and checked on as it is needed. 

This post seems so blah, but that is kind of how I am feeling. . .I do miss the time I used to spend with Shy just doing nothing. It is harder to do that here. Hopefully, I'll find something good this weekend!


  1. Wow, Shy's mane has grown sooo much. Looking gorgeous. Her running to you had to make you feel so special. The 4 wheeler thing would royally piss me off. You might ask the BM if the barn owner is insured for such a thing. If it's not the BM's property this could/would be an issue I'd think.

    1. It's a weird family thing. . .the barn owner is the BM's father, who is 93.
      And thanks for the mane compliment. . .if only I could get that forelock to grow! Can't fight genetics, I guess.

  2. I hope that Shy gets used to the 4 wheeler. As long as he doesn't chase the hoses it might be fine. They kids where Bre is use their dirt bikes in the pasture. They made their own ramp system. Bre hates pedal bikes but could care less about the motor bikes. She's a wierdo.

    1. She was fine with it. And he was not chasing them. . .but still. I found it odd. It threw me off guard.

  3. The auction sounds like it will be wonderful... I followed your link and checked it out. How exciting! You'll have fun!
    Shy's looking mighty wooly!

  4. Shy's mane is amazing! And her coat is so thick!
    It must have been lovely when she came running to u, hopefully her new home is becoming less strange.
    Look on the 4wheeler (is that the same as a quad?) as another thing shy needs to get exposed to. The more stuff she meets, the better

    1. I was so nice to see her running to me! Yes, I believe a 4 wheeler is a quad. She didn't mind at all!

  5. I loved playing with trolls growing up and you are right, her forelock really has that troll thing going on. Hope you find some time to play with her soon.


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