Monday, November 12, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #62

I have been trying my very best to make Allie not want to work with me! Twice now I have covered myself with burrs. Itty bitty burrs, too.
I think I laid on a burr bush
So small and hard to see through the fuzz. . .
Everywhere. . .

I got burrs everywhere! Mane, forelock, legs, belly, armpits, chest, barrel, face, neck. Like I said, everywhere. And since they were so small and my hair so fuzzy, I knew it would be a pain to get them out. This was a master plan and was sure to work, right?

 But instead of Allie turning back into the wild, she picked them off of me. I was really good for her though, I even let her get the ones off my ears. I was not successful. . .she had to do work.

The next step in the no work plan was to hide from Allie in the deep woods. I saw her looking everywhere for me, but I was super quiet and still.
Hide n Seek
And I had a guard horse to warn me if Allie was coming, just in case I dozed off. 
Jessie, the new Paint keeping watch
But eventually, I was found and made to do work. . .with a horse eating sled!  What's a girl gotta do to be wild and free?

Oh and meet Marshall.

He is an Amish pony. He has a stall, but most of the horses don't like him, so I was asked to spend some time with him. I like him! And he likes me. And we are the same size. 



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