Saturday, September 27, 2014

everybody works

Shyloh has gotten hip to the whole Lily riding her thing. She is past the phase of, Oh, I'll just tote Lily around and be cool with that
Coming in from the pasture
Shy has realized that Lily is practicing on her. To Shy this means that if she is going to work, so is Lily. And Shy is a stickler for her rules (like walking right at her shoulder), so she made Lily ask her correctly to get her to do stuff.

I would not have called Shy bad in any sense of the word. Challenging is more accurate. She remained her calm self, but preferred that Lily use both leg and rein cues to get her out of her sticky spots. Lily is not used to Shy testing her, which caused Lily to be frustrated. But they got through their cones exercises. And all was good. Shy got her apple from the kids and was happy.

Shy still toted Tommy around without an issue. He did want to trot and kept asking. And asking. Both kids always ask to trot. Makes me so glad they know nothing about cantering! 

Even if Shy has decided to make Lily work now, she is still so good for the kids. Her patience is just amazing. I watched the kids pick up Shy's hooves to pick them, she held each one up for them as they worked each hoof and talked about seeing the frog. Have I said before that this makes my heart smile?


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