Monday, March 11, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #79

You will never believe what I did. . . 
Look at me!! No header and all on my own! I was trotting and going all over the property, though the mud and everything.

Ed was driving me. Ed used to train Standardbreds at the track or something like that so he knows his driving stuff. 

The day was beautiful. I took my nap earlier than usual in the sun because I know Allie likes to come see me at nap time on the weekends. So by the time she got there, I was up and ready to go. Allie put the harness on me and got the cart out. 

She was a little upset by the state of the cart. The barn owner told Allie to put it in the indoor arena so it was safe from the elements, so that's where Allie was storing it. There is a pretty strict no loose horses in the arena policy, which basically means you cannot have horses running around when no two leggers are watching. But someone did have horses running around. Those horses ruined a radio, the walls, the light switch, my driving whip, and nibbled on my cart. Allie was not happy. But now there is a new place to store the cart. And the nibbles aren't too bad.

So after Allie's damage assessment of the cart, she hooked it to me. I was so good. And remember. . .I haven't been hooked to the cart in about three weeks! We practiced our whoas, gees, haws, and sharp turns. There were only a few times when I got a tiny bit scared, like when we were going through the mud but then the tire ran over some crunchy snow. Allie said easy and I was fine. The muddy roads had ruts and mud and slime and were kinda hard to navigate, but we made it through. Then, Seca, who owns Jose, said she would sit in the cart if Allie still drove from behind. That was okay with me and we gave Seca a little ride. Then I thought I was done. . .

But Ed asked to drive me! He said he has been watching us real close and I have been real good and Allie was doing all the right things. So Allie let him take control and off we went!

I was so super good for Ed and he even let me trot! Mud was splashing everywhere, but I didn't care, I was having fun! Ed said I was real good and real fun to drive and he would like to drive me again sometime. 

I was so proud of myself when we got done. All the two leggers at the barn are really great and were cheering me on when I was being driven. After, Allie gave me a bunch of treats, even more hugs, then let me eat in the Tunnel of Hay. Allie even got permission from the barn owner to drive in our pasture that we don't use during winter cause it is not muddy and doesn't have ruts. I am excited for Allie to drive me by herself. She has worked so hard and I was not easy to work with all the time!



  1. Woot, woot, you look so awesome being driven. Bad horses for chewing your cart. Momma woulda been way PO'd bout that!

  2. The award for the best girl goes to... Shy! What a wonderful adventure, you are the perfect driving horse :-)

  3. Fantastic! Just like a grown up driving horse! Great job, Shyloh, Ed and Allie for putting in all the hard work!

  4. Way to go!! Looks like tons of fun. All of that hard work and the Tunnel of Hay, what a day you had.

  5. Great job!!!! You look absolutely fantasic Shyloh :) I've always wanted to drive, it looks so fun.


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