Saturday, March 16, 2013

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Not about Shyloh, but I had to share. . .

Does this look like Shy's evil twin?
Other horse. . .
The lady I bought Shy from posted this to my Facebook and holy cow, she looks just like Shy! From the darker color to the poofy forelock! Even the blaze is freakishly similar! I can't stop looking. The description of this mare says she is about 13ish (too old), 14hh (Shy is 13.3), rides and works, seems sound. She has what appears to be an injury to the right eye, but with care may regain sight (??not sure what exactly that means.).

To me, her rear left hoof looks funny. I hope this girl finds a home that will take care of her. Click on the photo to be sent to the Facebook page of the place trying to home her if you are interested.  If my husband wouldn't kill me and if I didn't have more than enough on my plate with Shy, I would consider picking her up! Her and Shy would make a nice team. . .
Shy. . . 
The other thing I really wanted to share was this Exmoor Pony Stallion doing Horse Agility. This is something I would really like to do with Shy (along with the million other things) one day. It looks like fun and I think it would be mentally challenging for her. Enjoy Bear! And if you can't get enough of him, this pair has a ton of YouTube videos.
And I must share this video of a Expoor foal doing agility at liberty! The same woman is working with this baby. Super cute!
Shyloh does have a Facebook page where I post awesome stuff like this on a regular basis. I also post more photos of Shy (of course) and information on things that interest me like nutrition, horse sleeping patterns, herd behaviors, horse care, and things I find funny. Feel free to like it!


  1. That IS her twin!!! They would be an adorable team!! Her foot just looks neglected....maybe regular trims could help that out....

  2. That is her twin! Going to follow y'all on fb :)

  3. She's the head off her as we'd say in Ireland!
    Happy St Patrick's Day!

    1. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, too! Do they celebrate in France?

  4. Looks just like her! Wow what a pair that would be..... Love the Horse Agility vid, that is one fine stallion!


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